Lushui City Culture

Lushui is located in the sounth of Nujiang. There are Lishu, Nu, Dulong, Pumi, Bai, Yi, Naxi in Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture. Among them, Lishu is the dominated ethnic minority and Dulong and Nu are the indigenous ones in Nujiang. Minorities in Nujiang is the most diverse in China and the population of minorities is the largest. Traveling in Lushui, festivals cannot be missed since we can get their traditional costume, custom, ritual and life styles. There are many ethnic featured festivals, including Kaquewa Festival(New Year Festival) of Dulong People, Kuoshi Festival(New Year Festival) of Lisu People, Zaotanghui(Bathing) Festival of Lisu People, Festival of Climbing Sword-poles of Lisu People and the Flower Festival of Nu People.
Local culture represents the diversity of ethnic culture. In Lushui, Festival of Climbing Sword-poles of Lisu people and the activity of killing and sacrificing an ox of Dulong people are the most remarkable. They believe in different religions, such as the primitive religion, Lamaism, Catholicism and Christianity. Their beliefs can be seen in their daily life.