Li Xuehua – Representative Inheritor of Lisu Folk Song Project in Lushui City, Nujiang 

Li Xuehua(李学华) was born in Lishui County, Nujiang Yi Autonomous Prefecture in 1952. He is the representative inheritor of Lisu Folk Song Project.

Life Experience

Li Xuehua, who likes art since childhood, mastered the singing skills and content of Lisu Folk Song Project under the influence of parents and village artists.

His singing is beautiful and round, full of passion and appeal. Whether it is the traditional “You Ye”(优叶) that expresses the true feelings of men and women, the “Mugua”(木刮) of singing ancient songs and narrative poems, or the “Swing Time”(摆时) of impromptu singing, he can sing and play with his unique singing skills.


In 1998, he won the second prize in “The Sixth National Games of Yunnan Province”, “Shangdaoshan, Xiahuohai”(上刀山,下火海); in 1999, he participated in the opening ceremony of the Nujiang Branch of the Beijing Chinese Ethnic Museum (Chinese National Park) and Performance; In 2006, he participated in the filming of the “Xiangyue Daohuo”(乡约刀火) program produced by CCTV’s “Township”(乡约) column. For more than 40 years, Li Xuehua has trained a group of highly skilled folk songs singers. He is often active in the private sector and is a recognized song god of the local Yi people. He has certain social influence and prestige. He is a recognized god of the local Lisu Ethnic Group and has certain social influence and prestige.

Translate by Sean-Dai/代志云