Shaxi Ancient Town Education

As of 2011, Shaxi town has 1 junior middle school, 13 full primary schools and 14 teaching spots. Below we list part of the schools for you to design your students education tours in Shaxi Town of Dali Prefecture.

School Name



Shaxi Town Primary School(沙溪镇小学)

In the scenic area of Shaxi Old Town, Jianchuan, Dali


Dongnan Primary School(东南小学)

Dongnan village, Shaxi, Jianchuan, Dali


Shaxi Central Primary School(沙溪中心完小)

50m west of Niusha Line, Jianchuan, Dali


Shaxi Jiangdong Primary School(沙溪江东小学)

Shaxi town, Jianchuan, Dali


Shaxi Hongxing Primary School(沙溪红星小学)

Hongxing village, Jianchuan, Dali


Shaxi Dengta Primary School(沙溪灯塔小学)

Near Mitaduan, Jianchuan, Dali


Shaxi Junior Middle School(沙溪初级中学)

No.3, Shideng village, Shaxi Old Town, Jianchuan, Dali


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