Rachel Nan-China Tour Operator

Hello, I am Rachel Nan, born in Xi’an, home to the famous Terracotta Warriors. After college, I spent over a decade in Beijing, where I and a friend managed a courtyard house in a bustling hutong. Over the years, we welcomed thousands of foreign tourists, exchanging stories and offering travel tips across China.

Passion for Travel

In my spare time, I thrive on solo travel, seeking out unique destinations, museums, and sampling local delicacies to expand my worldview.

Career at Yaso Trip

Currently, I am a dedicated travel consultant at Yaso Trip. I find immense satisfaction in my work, bringing optimism, an open mind, diligence, and responsibility to ensure your journey through China is seamless and enjoyable.

Rachel Nan
Travel Consultant, Yaso Trip

Rachel Nan-Travel Consultant of Trans-Asia Discovery
Rachel Nan-Travel Consultant of Trans-Asia Discovery