Kelly Yu-Yunnan Travel Consultant

Background and Language Skills: I am Kelly Yu (余建兰 / Yu Jianlan in Chinese), proudly serving as a travel consultant at Yunnan Exploration Travel. I come from Shigu Ancient Town, located at the First Bend of the Yangtze River in Lijiang, Yunnan Province. Growing up in this culturally rich environment has enabled me to easily grasp multiple languages. My mother tongue is Yi, followed by Mandarin and Lisu languages, with English being the fourth language I speak fluently.

First Encounter with Travel and Hospitality: In 2010, at Lijiang’s Dayan Old Town, I had my first encounter with a foreign visitor, Peter, a German traveler exploring Lijiang alone. Intrigued by his kindness, knowledge, and musical talent, I engaged him in conversation to practice my English. Our connection led me to spontaneously become his local guide, showing him the sights of Shuhe Ancient Town, Black Dragon Pool Park, and Shaxi Ancient Town over two enriching days.

Professional Journey and Career Path: This experience ignited my passion for travel and hospitality, shaping my career aspirations after graduating from college. In 2012, I joined Yunnan Exploration Travel, where I am honored to work as a travel consultant. My role allows me to share my personal experiences with our guests, ensuring they have exceptional travel experiences akin to my own.

Commitment to Hospitality and Cultural Exchange: I take pride in facilitating meaningful cultural exchanges between visitors and the diverse landscapes of Yunnan. Whether recommending hidden gems, crafting bespoke itineraries, or offering cultural insights, my goal is to exceed expectations and create unforgettable journeys for our travelers.

Conclusion: I am excited to continue my journey with Yunnan Exploration Travel, providing unparalleled experiences that showcase the beauty and richness of Yunnan. Join me in exploring this vibrant region, where every corner offers a new adventure and cultural discovery.