Leon Liu-Network Engineer of Trans Asia Discovery

My name is Leon Liu, originally from Hunan province, China. With nearly 20 years of experience in computer-related fields, I specialize in Linux, website frameworks, and Oracle. Currently, I serve as the website developer for Yunnan Exploration, where I apply my expertise in creating and refining online platforms.

Professional Expertise

  • Technical Skills: Proficient in Linux systems, website frameworks, and Oracle database management.
  • Project Experience: Led numerous international website design and revision projects, demonstrating leadership and technical prowess.
  • Open Source Contributions: Contributed over 100,000 lines of code on GitHub, particularly passionate about WordPress and adept at deploying it on LAMP and LNMP stacks.

Passion for Travel

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am an avid traveler with a deep love for exploring China’s diverse landscapes and cultural treasures. Highlights of my travels include:

  • Memorable Experiences: Witnessing the sunset at Hengshan Mountains, admiring the catkins of West Lake, enjoying the night views of the Huangpu River, riding horses on Gongel, and exploring the majestic Great Wall.
  • Sharing Experiences: I enjoy sharing my travel experiences with others, aiming to inspire and guide fellow travelers to discover the beauty of China’s iconic destinations.

As both a dedicated professional in web development and an enthusiastic traveler, I find joy in combining my technical skills with my passion for exploration, creating meaningful experiences both online and off.


Leon Liu
Leon Liu