Skye Zhang-website editor of Yunnan Exploration

Hello everyone,

My name is Skye, known as Zhang Xiaohui in Chinese. It is truly an honor for me to serve as a website editor at Yunnan Exploration, a distinguished company in China. With the support of my colleagues, I have been fortunate to gain extensive knowledge in tourism.

I am currently pursuing a degree in Tourism English at Yunnan Normal University. My academic journey has instilled in me a deep passion for travel, fueled by the foundational teachings of my lecturers. Being an enthusiastic and sociable Dai girl, I take great joy in sharing the rich cultural tapestry of Yunnan with people from all walks of life. The diverse and colorful ethnic cultures of Yunnan Province have always fascinated me, making my work in tourism a natural fit.

In my role, I strive to excel by applying the same diligence and enthusiasm that I bring to my studies. Outside of work, I enjoy traveling in my free time, as it broadens my horizons and enriches my understanding of different cultures. If you have any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out. Tans-Asia Discovery is committed to creating tailor-made tours to suit your preferences.

Warm regards, Skye