Cindy Cao-Yunnan Tour Operator

Cindy Cao,  she is an easy-going and enthusiastic girl of 28 years old. She has worked for more than 4 years and has built up a solid foundation of professional knowledge of tourism. She is skillful and experienced to organize trips for Chinese and foreign guests. For her careful, thoughtful, efficient and meticulous work, her guests will always be her regular customers as they book their trip from her at the first time.

In her spare time, in order to find more interesting attractions and beautiful scenery, she likes to go out to discover and search. She likes to share with others what food she finds delicious to eat, which hotel she feels comfortable to live and where she thinks the most beautiful to shoot. She will be willing to share her travelling experience with you if you are intested. And do not hesitate to contact her to organize an interesting trip for you. Her Wechat ID: 15808899392

Cindy CaoCindy Cao

Cindy Cao