Stephane-Volunteer of Yaso Travel

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Stéphane, and I hail from Belgium. After earning a master’s degree in civil engineering, I decided to pursue my dreams by embarking on a journey across the world.

Professional Background

My journey began with hiking and hitchhiking from Europe to Asia. This unconventional approach allowed me to experience diverse cultures, meet incredible people, and explore remote landscapes through wild camping.

Challenges and Adventures

I faced extreme weather conditions ranging from -35°C to +35°C, adding to the richness of my travel experiences.

Meeting Charlie and Volunteering with Yaso Travel

During my travels, I arrived in Lijiang, where I crossed paths with Charlie. Our shared passion for travel ignited an immediate connection, leading me to volunteer for Yaso Travel.

Stéphane’s story reflects his adventurous spirit, dedication to travel, and passion for exploring the world through unconventional means. His volunteer role with Yaso Travel underscores his commitment to sharing his experiences and contributing to the travel community.



  • Name: Stephane
  • Origin: Belgium
  • Education: Master’s degree in Civil Engineering

Journey of Exploration

  • Adventure: Embarked on a journey to travel the world by hiking or hitchhiking after graduation
  • Experiences: Hiked from Europe to Asia, encountering diverse cultures and extreme weather conditions
  • Passion: Enjoys wild camping, exploring remote areas, and immersing in local cultures

Role at Yaso Travel

  • Position: Volunteer at Yaso Travel in Kunming
  • Responsibilities: Assists in various travel activities and services
  • Contribution: Shares travel expertise and passion for exploration with travelers

Stephane’s adventurous spirit and dedication to travel make him a valuable asset at Yaso Travel, enriching the experiences of fellow travelers with his vast knowledge and hands-on approach to exploration.

Stéphane from Belgium, Online Volunteer of Yunnan Exploration Travel