David Yao-Lijiang Tour Operator of Yunnan Exploration

My name is Davide Yao (姚辉/Yao Hui in Chinese). I’m one of the Naxi ethnic group. Naxi is a nationality with brilliant culture. We are all hospitality and welcome to any guests who want to know more about our culture and history. I’m an operator of Y China Tour in Lijiang Office. I worked in the travel agency since 2005. I know all different attractions, local food, hotels and any popular tour routes in Lijiang. I will provide the best service and show travelers the real beauty of lijiang. Welcome to Lijiang and Naxi.

David Yao-Tour Operator of Yunnan Exploration in Lijiang, Yunnan

Personal Background

  • Name: Davide Yao (姚辉/Yao Hui in Chinese)
  • Ethnicity: Naxi, known for its rich cultural heritage and hospitality.

Professional Role

  • Position: Tour Operator at Y China Tour, Lijiang Office.
  • Experience: Involved in the travel agency industry since 2005.


  • Local Knowledge: Familiar with all attractions, local cuisine, accommodations, and popular tour routes in Lijiang.
  • Service Commitment: Dedicated to providing the best service and showcasing the authentic beauty of Lijiang to travelers.

Cultural Insight

  • Naxi Culture: Offers insights into the vibrant Naxi culture, welcoming visitors to explore its history and traditions.