Shaxi Ancient Town Shopping

Friday is the market day for locals in Shaxi. People congregates in the old town to stock up on produce and exchange gossip. flocks of traditionally dressed Bai matriarchs squeeze together along the kerbside to offer a wide range of local fruit and vegetables. Yi womenfolk in bright scarlet and bold turquoise, trek for hours down from their mountain villages to trade with the lowlanders. Traveling vendors fill the main street, hawking everything from farm tools to fruit trees. Here are some local stuff you can take.

1.Local handcrafts

You will see various colorful handcrafts on the market, such as clothes, shoes, wallet and scarf. They are unqiue handcrafts of the local minorities.

2.Wood carving

The wood carving is exquisite with various pictures. It’s special with Chinese characteristics.

3.Wild mushrooms

Wild mushrooms spread over the whole Yunnan. You can easily find them in Shaxi as well. They are yummy and good for health. Almost all restaurants serve the mushroom dishes in Shaxi.

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