Top 10 Tengchong Tourist Attractions and Things To Do Rated on TripAdvisor

Tengchong is a region where Asian volcanoes are concentrated, with many volcanoes in its territory. Tengchong is rich in geothermal resources with numerous hot springs. Tengchong city is not big, but it has a long history, with a thick historical background and many cultural landscape buildings. Volcano Park, Hot Sea and other scenic spots should not be missed. If you come to Tengchong in autumn, Ginkgo Village must be visited, which will definitely shock and surprise you. Next, I will tell you the the top 10 Tengchong tourist attractions and to-do items selected by TripAdvisor.

1. Heshun Ancient Town

Heshun ancient town is located 4 kilometers west of tengchong county. it is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese in Yunnan province. it is also an important town along the tea-horse ancient road and a necessary route for the southwest silk road.

2. Dagunguo Scenic Resort(大滚锅)

To visit Tengchong, the hot sea is one of the must-see spots. All the way up the mountain in the hot air to the highest point is the scenic spot in Dagunguo Scenic Resort. There were many vendors selling eggs boiled in spring water.

3. Geothermal Scenic Area

Hot Sea is a paradise for tourists. Seeing the picturesque scenery here, visiting scenic spots, soaking in hot springs, and taking a tour bus with smoke is like staying outside the fairy.

4. Guoshang Cemetery

Guoshang Cemetery is a rare large-scale memorial cemetery for the Anti-Japanese War, a national key cultural relic protection unit, a patriotism education base and China’s 20th century architectural heritage. It is also the earliest memorial cemetery for soldiers killed during the Anti-Japanese War in China, which is the largest and best preserved in China.

5.Volcano Park, Tengchong

Tengchong Volcano Park is one of the four major volcanic groups in our country and is the best destination for exploring volcanic landform. Volcanoes are concentrated and well preserved. You can also watch it in a hot air balloon and experience different feelings.

6.Volcano National Geological Park

One of the geological features of Tengchong is the colony of volcanic crater. Volcanic traces can be seen everywhere, and underground hot water brought by geothermal energy can be experienced. After entering the park, it was a huge square with hot air balloon business. From the front to the bottom, it is the remains of a large crater. Climbing to the top of the crater, you can see the remains of the crater. 

7. Anti-Japanese Memorial Park

In Tengchong’s Anti-Japanese War Memorial Park, there are countless small stone tablets, on which are simply inscribed the ranks and names of the soldiers of the Chinese Expeditionary Force who sacrificed their lives for their country. They are arranged in neat rows from top to bottom according to their ranks, and are full of the whole hill.

8. North Sea Marsh(Tengchong Beihai Wetland)

Tengchong Beihai Wetland is the only national wetland reserve in Yunnan Province  and is a good place to get rid of the bustling city and seek peace. Surrounded by mountains and floating on the water are all kinds of flowers, sea and grass. It is not clear whether it is grassland or lake. It is gorgeous and magical.

9. Heshun Library

This ancient town library is claimed to be one of the largest rural libraries in China, especially many ancient books, which are still used by local people. Can borrow books, can read newspapers, quietly, experience the charm of words.

10. Gaoligongshan National Natural Reserve

Gaoligong Mountain is an important part of the world natural heritage with three parallel rivers. Gaoligong Mountain is home to a variety of rare wild animals and plants. There is an azalea in the area, which has the reputation of “World Azalea”. The beautiful scenery makes it a paradise for photographers and hikers.

These are the top 10 Tengchong tourist attractions and to-do items selected by TripAdvisor. If you want to know more about other Tengchong tourist attractions, you can inquire on the website or consult relevant staffs.