Best Places to Visit in Zhaotong

Zhaotong City is located in the northeast of Yunnan Province, with high mountains and deep valleys, with a large altitude gap. Zhaotong’s unique terrain has made Zhaotong a unique natural landscape and charming scenery. Zhaotong is also a city with a long history and rich cultural heritage. Zhaotong also has many state-level protected animals and plants, and is also rich in water resources. The following is the best places to visit in Zhaotong.

1. Dashanbao Black-necked Crane Nature Reserve

Dashanbao is one of the most popular destination for Yunnan Birding Tours.There are more than 1, 300 black-necked cranes wintering in Dashanbao Reserve which has become the largest winter habitat of black-necked cranes and is regarded as one of the “Hometowns of Black-necked Cranes in China”. The reserve has been designated as a Ramsar site since 2004.

2. Jigong Mountain of Dashanbao Nature Reserve

Jigong Mountain is the best place to watch clouds and sunset at Dashanbao Nature Reserve in Yunnan. It takes the name from its crest-like shape of a ro oster. Its “grand and graceful” scenery consists of the uncanny craftsmanship of nature.

3. Dahaizi Wetland

Dashanbao Nature Reserve includes two major scenic spots: Dahaizi Wetland and Jigong Mountain. The open terrain surrounded by hillsides, is an ideal place for black-necked cranes. Thus it becomes a unique destination for sightseeing, photography, scientific study and adventure.

4. Dalongdong Cave

Dalongdong Cave is a natural forest park and a summer resort for sightseeing, playing, boating and fishing. There are many ancient architectural communities, with carved beams, painted platform, and colored pavilion.On every eighth day of the second lunar month, the locals will hold the traditional festival activity of “play in the dragon hole”.

5. Zhaotong Old Town

Zhaotong ancient city has absorbed the essence of many kinds of buildings in its 200 years of development, and gradually formed a diversified architectural style with Qing dynasty buildings as the main body and a combination of Republic of China and western architectural forms, which is a precious cultural heritage left over from history.

There are still many scenic spots waiting for you to explore and discover!