Tengchong Climate

Tengchong climate is classified as warm and temperate. Summer enjoys plenty of rainfall than winter in Tengchong. Tengchong experiences a mild subtropical highland climate. In Tengchong, the average annual temperature is 15.4 °C. The average annual rainfall is 1482 mm.

Tengchong Climate & Weather

Tengchong enjoys municipal tropical monsoon climate integrating the advantages of continental climate and marine climate. It is sunny in winter and spring, with abundant rainfall in summer and cool and pleasant weather in autumn. The annual average rainfall is 1531mm and the annual average relative humidity is 77%. The lowest temperature in winter is not lower than 0℃ and the highest temperature in summer is not higher than 30℃. It is rated as "one of the most suitable places for human habitation".

Tengchong Weather Graphs by Month

Tengchong Temperature

Tengchong Rainfall and Daylight

Tengchong Weather and Climate by Month

Four Seasons of Tengchong and What to Pack

  • Spring (March through May) begins early and remains relatively dry and sunny until May, when there is a dramatic uptick in frequency and amount of rainfall that lasts until late September. Humidity and temperatures combine to make this season feel moderate. Highs range from 77.1°F (25.1°C) and 69.2°F (20.7°C) with warmer temperatures in the later months. Some travelers choose to travel at this time because they could appreciate the growing green and their vitality.
    What to Pack: Shorts or short pants, Skirts, Long and short sleeve shirts, Light footwear, Sunscreen lotion, Waterproof luggage, Rain gear.
  • Summer (June through August) is warm, rainy and generally overcast, with August, the warmest month, averaging 19.9 °C (67.8 °F). The middle-year months have very comfortable weather with high temperatures that are comfortable. It is the time to appreciate the wetland and the waterfall. June – August is the second busiest season for tourism in Tengchong, so lodging and other accommodations may cost slightly more.
    What to Pack: Shorts or short pants, Dresses, Skirts, Long and short sleeve shirts, Sandals, Sunscreen lotion, Waterproof luggage, Rain gear.
  • Autumn (September through November) experiences an abrupt reduction in rainfall and its return to sunniness. Fall daily highs range from 76.9°F (24.9°C) and 65.6°F (18.7°C), which will feel comfortable given the humidity and wind. It rains or snows a significant amount: 2 to 14 days per month. Tourism is the slowest during these months due to the weather, so hotels may be affordably priced.
    What to Pack: Shorts or short pants, Dresses, Long and short sleeve shirts, Sunscreen lotion, Waterproof luggage, Umbrella.
  • Winter (December through February) is always mild and very dry and sunny, although average lows in January are barely above the freezing mark; January, the coolest month, has a 24-hour average temperature of 8.1 °C (46.6 °F).
    What to Pack: Jacket or coat, Standard footwear, Warm pants or jeans, Fleeces, Socks, Light gloves or mittens, Waterproof luggage, Umbrella

The Best Time to Visit Tengchong

As with many places of Yunnan province, Tengchong experiences a mild subtropical highland climate. Visitors could travel to Tengchong at any time of the whole year. Tengchong neither has a extremely freezing winter nor a burning summer. Besides, different seasons in Tengchong offer different sceneries. The best time to visit Ginkgo village is from mid-November to early December. It is suggested that the best time to visit Tengchong is mid to late April. 

Travel Tips for Visiting Tengchong

Try to avoid the peak holidays such as Chinese Spring Festival (usually in late Jan or early Feb.), International Labor Day (May 01 to 03) and National Day (Oct 01-07). Spring Festival and the National Day golden week are the most crowded time for travelling. 

Peak Season and Low Season

The busiest month for tourism in Tengchong is March, followed by May and April. Prices for hotels and flights will be most expensive during these months, though you can save if you purchase well in advance. Tourists are unlikely to visit Tengchong in December. Those willing to visit at these times will likely find it the least expensive month.

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