8 Days Deluxe Kunming, Shilin, Mile Jianshui Photo Tour with Yuanyang Rice Terraces and Fuxianhu Lake

This 8-day tour includes the Deluxe Kunming, Shilin, Mile Jianshui Photo Tour. People will have a chance to know about the local life. And Visit the most famous attractions in south and east of Yunnan:Stone Forest, Jianshui Old Town and Yuanyang. Besides, people can enjoy the wonderful sceneries in Yuanyang, and stay overnight at luxury hotels so that they could have joyful time in Yunnan.


  • Stay overnight at luxury hotels in Yunnan.
  • Visit the most famous attractions in south and east of Yunnan:Stone Forest, Jianshui Old Town and Yuanyang.
  • Have leisure time by the sea side-Fuxianhu Lake.
  • Enjoy the most famous hot spring in Honghe.

Breif Itinerary

  • Day 1 Arrive in Kunming
  • Day 2 Kunming
  • Day 3 Kunming-Shilin-Mile
  • Day 4 Mile-Gejiu-Yuanyang
  • Day 5 Yuanyang
  • Day 6 Yuanyang-Jianshui
  • Day 7 Jianshui-Fuxianhu Lake
  • Day 8 Fuxianhu Lake-Kunming Departure

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 Arrive in Kunming

Sightseeing and Activities:Arrive in Kunming
Accommodation: Kunming
Meals: Lunch

The Green Lake Park(Cuihu Park) in Kunming

You’ll begin your journey to the diverse and captivating province of Yunnan from the capital city, Kunming. Upon arrival at the Kunming International Airport, meet your local guide and transfer to the hotel. You will take a leisurely stroll along the Green Lake, a charming area of teahouses and small boutiques selling handicrafts and beautiful local paintings. If time permits, you will have a Kunming city tour. 

— Kunming is the capital of southwest China’s Yunnan province, a primarily agricultural province of 45 million. Kunming has a population of five million and is located in one of the world’s most geographically, ethnically, biologically and linguistically diverse regions. Situated at 1,900 meters (6,233ft) above sea level and 25° north of the Equator it has a rather unique and pleasant climate for a Chinese city.

Day 2 Kunming

Sightseeing and Activities:Western Hills, Yunnan Nationalities Village
Accommodation: Kunming
Meals: Breakfast, lunch

This morning,visit Western HillsViewed from a distance, the skyline of the Western Hills’ forest reserve resembles a beautiful maiden reclining leisurely alongside of Dianchi Lake with her long hair drifting casually in the mirror-like water. It is for this reason that the local people gave the Western Hills the nickname, Sleeping Beauty Hills. Then go through the Dragon Gate, which is the steepest spot in the Western Hills and well worth climbing up the winding old stone stairs because the view is spectacular, visit Huating Temple, which is the largest Buddhist temple in Kunming and its history stretches back to 900 years.

After lunch, drive to Yunnan Nationalities Village. It is a good place for visitors to appreciate Yunnan culture and traditions of all the ethnic groups in the province. In order to exhibit the customs and conventions of the 26 nationalities in Yunnan, it is planned to build 26 natural villages, giving prominence to the architectures of various nationalities. Each nationality has its particularities in terms of language, religion, and in the ways of conducting themselves in relation to others, in attire, eating habits, the way of travelling, festivities, marriage, birth and burial customs, just as people say that “Yunnan has ten thousand kinds of customs and conventions”.

Day 3 Kunming-Shilin-Mile

Sightseeing and Activities: Stone Forest
Accommodation: Mile
Meals: Breakfast, lunch

Drive to visit Stone Forest which is 86 km from Kunming City. An old local saying says that ‘If you have visited Kunming without seeing the Stone Forest, you have wasted your time.’ Truly, the Stone Forest is one of the most important attractions of Yunnan.

In the afternoon, drive to Mile. Stay overnight in Huquan Hot Spring Hotel. You will enjoy the most famous hot spring in this hotel. 

Day 4 Mile-Gejiu-Yuanyang

Sightseeing and Activities: Great Mosque of Shadian, Laohuzui Rice Terraces
Accommodation: Yuanyang
Meals: Breakfast, lunch

Drive to Gejiu. Visit the Great Mosque of Shadian.  Shadian Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in the southwest and is one of the 100 famous mosques of China. Shadian mosque exhibits an elegant architectural style. 

Drive to Yuanyang (About 1 hour). Enjoy the sunset view of Laohuzui Rice Terraces.

Day 5 Yuanyang

Sightseeing and Activities: Duoyishu RiceTerrace Fields, Bada Hani Rice Terrace, Shengcun Market,  Qingkou Village
Accommodation: Yuanyang
Meals: Breakfast, lunch

Duoyishu Rice Terraces in Yuanyang County,Honghe-20

Get up every early in the morning, you’ll drive 30KM to visit Duoyishu Village and enjoy the sunrise of Duoyishu RiceTerrace Fields when the sun appears above the eastern horizon. The terraced fields are ring upon ring and cascade one by one. They go along the hillside up to the sky. You will see the scenery of the terraced fields from the top of the mountains to the bottom. They are all farms under the sunshine and cloud and mist. The landscape is spectacular.

And then, you will visit Bada Hani Rice TerraceShengcun Market where Hani people for generations inhabit. Visit  Qingkou Village and rice terraces as well. You will enjoy the sunset of Longshuba Rice Terraces in the late afternoon at Panzhihua Town.

Transfer back to Xinjie Town.

Day 6 Yuanyang-Jianshui

Sightseeing and Activities: Jianshui Swallow Cave, Jianshui Ancient Town, Zhu Family Garden, Confucius Temple
Accommodation: Jianshui
Meals: Breakfast, lunch

Jianshui Swallow Cave in Honghe

After breakfast in the hotel, drive about  3 hours to Jianshui County.  On the way back, visit Jianshui Swallow Cavewhich is the largest karst formation cave in Asia. There are usually thousands of swallows flying around in this aptly named cave. You will follow a guide in the cave to see the striking caverns and also to see the bare hand rock climbing performance in the cave. Walk into the cave and visit the colorful Karst landform and take the small boat cruise out of the cave.

Arrive in Jianshui Ancient Town in the afternoon, pay a visit to Jianshui Ancient TownZhu Family Garden and Confucius Temple.  Visit the famous Confucius Temple with its interesting history. Confucious was born in Shandong province 2,500 years ago and taught more than 3,000 students in his lifetime, among them 72 were outstanding. He is the greatest teacher in China’s history and has worldwide influence and his work has worldwide influence.

Day 7 Jianshui-Fuxianhu Lake

Sightseeing and Activities:Jianshui-Fuxianhu Lake
Accommodation: Fuxianhu Lake
Meals: Breakfast, lunch

Drive to Tuanshan Village about 15KM away from Jianshui Ancient Town, visit the Zhang Family Garden, the ancient hourses and the Double Dragon Bridge. Visit Tunshan village with hundred year old houses built by the family of Zhang. In the village, you will see the different standards of houses built by rich and poor families, and also the family temple which plays an important role for education, family history, and Chinese culture, which says that people should always remember their ancestors and maintain community traditions.

Drive to Yuxi City. Visit Fuxianhu Lake. Enjoy your leisure time arond Fuxianhu Lake. You can choose to take a boat or swim on the lake.

Stay in Banyan Tree Resort Fuxianhu Lake

Day 8 Fuxianhu Lake-Kunming Departure

Sightseeing and Activities: Drive back to Kunming airport for departure
Accommodation: Fuxianhu Lake

Drive back to Kunming airport for departure.

Recommended Hotels

City 5 Star 4 Star 3 Star Hostel
Kunming InterContinental Hotel / / /
Mile Huquan Hot Spring Hotel / / /
Yuanyang 12 Manor Xiangdian / / /
Jianshui Lin’an Hotel / / /
Yuxi Banyan Tree Resort Fuxianhu Lake / / /

Service Included:

– Meals as mentioned in the itinerary 
– All land transfer and transportation;
– Luggage transfers between airport and hotels;
– Accommodation with breakfast as listed;
– Entrance fees as listed in the program;
– Skilled driver & Experienced English-speaking guide;

Service Excluded:

– Train Tickets/Flight Tickets;
– Single room supplement;
– Personal Travel Accident Insurance;
– Any optional programs/activities;
– Chinese visa fees;
– Personal Consumption;
– Tips (150CNY/day to Guide; 100CNY/day to Driver);

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