Tengchong Shopping

Tengchong Shopping tells you what and where to buy in Tengchong. The famous Tengchong local products include jade wares, Chinese medicine, Xuan paper, dried rice noodles, tea oil, preserved vegetables, rattan plaited handicrafts, etc. 

What to Buy in Tengchong

1. Tengchong Jade (腾冲玉石)

Tengchong jade wares are the renowned traditional handicrafts of Yunnan with a long history of about 500 years. There are various jade products, such as bracelets, hairpins and brooches. They are sold even to the countries in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macau.

2. Yongchang Silk (永昌丝绸)

Silk products from Baoshan has long been selling very well in Southeast and West Asian countries and enjoys a very good reputation at home and abroad. In ancient times, Baoshan is one of the most important distributing centers in the Southwest Silk Route, which has made great contributions to the world civilization. Yongchang silk is one of the most famous of that time. 

3.  Rattan Plaited Handicrafts (藤编工艺品)

A kind of tough and long rattan is growing in the border area between Tengchong and Burma. It can be used for plaiting ratten handicrafts. The products made of those natural textile materials are quite popular among tourists. Ratten plaited bags, hats and boxes are the most favored ones. 

4.Volcano Stone (火山石)

There are a lot of little carved articles made of volcano stones for sale in Tengchong. They are characterized by its high strength, good performances of heat preservation and sound absorption and etc. They are available in many shops and vendors in Tengchong.  

5. Fine Dried Noodles (挂面)

The production of dried noodles has a very long history. The Golden Dragon brand noodles are particularly famous for its excellent quality, purity, smoothness, softness, durability and good taste.

6. Coffea Arabica (小粒咖啡)

Awarded a certificate of honour by the Ministry of Foreign Economic and Trade Relations for its excellent quality. The protein and glucose contents of the coffea Arabica produced in Tengchong exceed that of the foreign ones. It sells well in Japan, the Soviet Union, Hungary, Poland and other countries.

7. Xuan Paper (宣纸)

Tengchong County is rich in paper mulberry, a raw material for processing Xuan paper which is an excellent calligraphy and painting paper widely used among calligraphy and painting artists. At present, great progress has been made in Tengchong Xuan paper production, making its output, quality and export ranking second in the country, second only to the famous Anhui Xuan paper.

Where to Buy in Tengchong

When you are shopping in Tengchong, the following shopping malls, jade shopping centers and marktes are your best choices.

The Best Jade Shopping Places in Tengchong

  • Fu Sheng Long 福盛隆
    Address: No. 32. Group 9, Shizilu Village, Heshun Ancient Town 和顺古镇十字路村9社32号
    Tel: 0875-5150475
  • Tengchong Jade Ware Center 腾冲玉器城
    Address: Jianhua Road (Close To Feicui Road), Tengchong City 腾冲市建华路
  • Tengchong Jade Center 腾冲翡翠城
    Address: Guanghua Road, Nanmen Street, Tengyue Town, Tengchong City 腾冲县腾越镇南门街光华路
  • Tengyue Jewelry Center 腾越珠宝城
    Address: No. 155, Yinhe Residential Complex, Tiancheng Community, Tengyue Town 腾越镇天成社区银河小区155号
  • Tengchong Jewelry and Jade Trading Center 腾冲珠宝玉器交易中心
    Address: No. 92, Yingfeng Residential Complex, Xiufeng Community, Tengyue Town  腾越镇秀峰社区盈凤小区92号
    Tel: /

Shopping Malls and Centers

  • Tengcheng Department Store 腾冲百货大楼
    Address: No. 37, Yingfeng Residential Complex, Xiufeng Community, Tengyue Town 腾越镇秀峰社区盈凤小区37号
  • Bailian Shopping Plaza 百联购物广场
    Address:  Fengshan Road, Tengchong 腾冲市凤山路
  • Hengbang Shopping Plaza 恒邦购物广场
    Address: Mai Street of Tengyue Town 腾越镇主大街 
    Tel: 0875-5131350

Shopping Streets and Markets

  • Tengchong Pedistrain Street 腾冲市步行街
    Address: No. 149, Yingmao Residential Complex, Xiufeng Community, Tengyue Town 腾冲市秀峰社区盈贸小区149号
  • Rehai Street 热海风情街
    Address: County Road MB5 县道MB5
  • Southeast Border Trade Fair 东南边贸集市
    Address:Xiufeng community, Tengchong City 腾冲市秀峰社区
  • Donglai Nightmarket 东来夜市
    Address: Dongfang Road, Tengchong City 腾冲市东方路

Local Specialty Stores

  • Yunnan, Myanmar and Thailand Specialities Shop 滇缅泰土特产
    Add: Xiufeng community, Tengchong City, Baoshan
    Tel: 0875-5184499
  • Minlu Speciality Shop 铭璐土特产商店
    Add: Tengchong City, Baoshan 腾冲市
    Tel: 0875-5167909
  • Yida Tourism Speciality Shop 腾冲益达旅游特产批发
    Add: No. 19-20, Building 8, Tengbei Shopping Mall, Tengchong City, Baoshan 腾冲市腾北商场8栋19-20号
    Tel: 0875-5165545

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