Tengchong Festivals and Events

Tengchong festivals and activities tell you what to do during the festival tour in Tengchong. There are 25 minorities living in Tengchong City, including Dai, Hui, Lisu, Wa, Bai, Achang, etc. As the indigenous minorities inhabited in Tengchong, they formed their distinctive ethnic culture which is also revealed in their ethnic festivals. Here are some major festivals and activities in Tengchong. They can help you learn more about local ethnic culture. 

Festivals in Tengchong

Spring Festival

The Spring Festival is the greatest festival of the Chinese and usually falls in late Jan or early Feb. In different parts of China,people may celebrate the festival in different ways. People in Tengchong also celebrate this grand festival.

Festival of Climbing Sword-poles (Daogan Festival) of Lisu People(刀杆节)

It is one of the traditional festivals among the Lisu people, in memory of Wang Ji 王骥, a Defense Minister in the Ming Dynasty. The story goes that during the time when Wang Ji was an officer in command to garrison the frontiers, he and his soldiers fought bravely, daring to climb a mountain of swords and plung into a sea of flames. His courage was highly respected and the date of his death, the 8th of August on the Chinese lunar Calendar, was named the The Festival f Climbing Sword-poles. On that day, the Lisu people hold such activities as climbing sword-poles and plunging into a sea of flames to show their bravery.

Aluwoluo Festival of Achang(阿露窝罗节)

On each February 4th of the lunar month, the Achang ethnic minority holds the Aluwoluo Festival, one of the important traditional festivals of the Achang people. In Achang language, “Woluo” means amusement near the house. Legend has it that this festival is held to memorize the primogenitor that created the world.

Kuoshi Festival of Lisu(阔时节)

Around December 24th every year, Lisu people begin celebrating their most important festival, Kuoshi Festival, which means New Year. It's equivalent to the Han people's Spring Festival. 

Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival or the Spring Lantern Festival is a Chinese festival celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. On the day of the Lantern Festival, people decorate their houses with various kinds of lanterns hanging in front of each house and join in the traditional "guessing lantern riddles (猜灯谜)" activity.

Activities in Tengchong

Besides the festivals, there are also some activities held in Tengchong to enrich the cultural life. Those activities also promote the tourism in Tengchong. Tourists can experience the themed culture through participating in the activities.

Festival  Date  Introduction
Sea of Flowers Festival (花海节) March One hundred thousand acres of canola flowers bloom into a sea in the town of Jietou in every February. Every year, the festival has wonderful activities including dancing, music performance, cycling and racing.
Duanyang Flower Bazaar (端阳花街) Around June or July Just like Baoshan city, Tengchong also has Duanyang Flower Bazaar. You'll be marveled at the superb artistry of the flower breeders. 

Tengchong Volcano Hot Spring Cultural Tourism Festival (腾冲火山热海文化旅游节)

October 1st

During this festival, you may enjoy the epic performance for the opening ceremony as well as colorful ethnic and folk performances. In addition, folk performances such as lion dancing, Dongjing (scripture cave) music, Lisu singing and tea art performance will be arranged, where you may enjoy the feast of Tengyue culture.

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Tengchong Festival Tours

Our Tengchong festival tour will guide you to experience the famous festivals in Tengchong, such as Kuoshi Festival and Daogan Festival and activities like Duanyang Flower Bazaar, to learn and know more about Tengchong culture. We have no specific route yet. But if you plan to start a Tengchong festival tour, please contact our travel consultants, and they will customize an itinerary for you.