Yuxi Photos

Here are some Yuxi City tour photos taken by our tourists and our teams. The beautiful landscapes make people want to live here, and the landscapes are so wonderful that people can enjoy from these pictures directly. From the Yuxi attractions photos, you can enjoy the landscape of Fuxian Lake, Longma Karst Cave in Xiaoshiqiao Yi Nationality Township or Gaoxiang Organic Tea Plantations, the hometown of hot spring, Huaning, primary forests in Xinping, Yuanjiang River, the hometown of wild edible mushroom, Yimen and drifting in Jinsanxia Scenic Area, Tuozhuo Village, Tonghongdian Yi and Miao Ethnic Town, Ningzhou Park, Wansong Mountain Scenic Area and Jinsuo Ancient Bridge, Bafangshu Mosque, Muche Mosque and Beimen Mosque, Xiangbi Hot Spring and Xiangbishan Hot Spring Forest Park.