Yuxi Festivals and Events

Yuxi festivals and events present diverse ethnic culture and specific local theme culture. Yuxi is the birth place of ancient Dian culture where there is Paleontological fossil coenosis in Chengjiang. Many minorities inhabited there long time ago, such as Yi, Hani, Dai, Hui, Bai, etc. Those people co-create a splendid culture of Yuxi. There are also various festivals of ethnic groups which will help you to understand Yuxi better.

Festivals and Activities in Yuxi

Beside the nation-wide festivals like Spring Festival and Dragon Boat Festival, there are many ethnic festivals and local theme events in Yuxi, such as New Year Festival of Yi and Yimen Wild Edible Mushroom Fair, etc.

Festivals and Events in Yuxi by Month

Month Festival and Events

Huajie (Flower Street) Festival of Dai

Huajie Cultural Tourism Festival of Huayaodai 

Songlong (Dragon Worship) Festival of Dai 

April  Water Splashing Festival of Dai

The Beginning of Summer Festival

The Bathing Festival of Huayaodai

The Copper Pot Gourmet Festival of Fuxian Lake


Festival of Fast-Breaking or Eid al-fitr of Hui 

 Honghe Valley’s Golden Mango Festival


Torch Festival of Yi

Huagu Dance Art Festival of Yi

Yimen Wild Edible Mushroom Fair

October Kaimen (Opening Door ) Festival of Dai
November New Year Festival of Yi 
December The Fishing Festival and Plateau Aquatic Products Fair

Other Festivals and Events in Yuxi

  • Rice Noodles Festival of Yuxi
    Time: During Spring Festival
    Add: Hongta Area, Yuxi City
  • Xinping Badefest
    Time: During May Day
    Add: Gasa Town, Xinping county, Yuxi city.
  • Dragon Boat Festival,Yuxi
    Time: During the Dragon Boat Festival
    Add: Yuxi City Center

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