Yuxi Shopping

Yuxi is a place with rich natural resources because of its abundant sunshine and water. You can enjoy the local snacks or purchase some handicrafts.

What to Buy in Yuxi City

Ailao Three Treasures (哀牢三珍)
They are mainly produced in the main peak regions of Xingping Ailao Mountain. Beet, also called loosestrife, is very delicious and refreshing. Citou Vegetable, which is a kind of woody plant, is bitter and tasty. Another vegetable is called Ewe's Milk Vegetable because its juice looks like ewe's milk.

Chengjiang Lotus Root Starch(澄江藕粉)
The lotus root starch is pure in nature. After mixing it with water, it becomes as clear as the crystal. It tastes pure sweet, fragrant and tender, which lead you to endless aftertastes. As a result, it has won people’s favor and a good reputation all over the province.

Huaning Dried Rice Noodle(华宁干米线)
Choosing rice of high quality as raw material, the dried rice noodle is made after nine production processes. The noodle is white in color, and silk-like in nature. It is pliable and tasty, and can be stored for a long time. You can stew it, eat it in sauce when it is cold or fry it.

Tonghai Folk Silver Ornaments(通海银器)
Tonghai has a history of making gold and silver ornaments for hundreds of year. There are more than 200 kinds of products, including silver button, hat ornament, belt ornament, tasteful bangle, San Si, head necklace, earring, necklace and girdle.

Sesame slices

Sesame Slices, Yuxi(芝麻片)
The main ingredients are superior white sesame, white sugar of high quality, glucose, refined oil and so on. It is made by special technique. The characters include bright color, transparent nature while towards the light, thin and even slices, crisp and delicious taste and so on.

Yuanjiang Aloe, Yuxi(元江芦荟)
Aloe is a kind of herbaceous perennial plant. It belongs to the lily family. The pulp of the leaf is delicious. The skin is as green as the jade. The content is as clear as the crystal, and the flower is as red as the flame. It has the effect of improving digest, freeing breathing, discharging poison, fighting against cancer, preventing diabetes, stimulating the menstrual flow, and improving body circulation and health condition, which result in the abundant sleep and body full of vigor. Besides, it is also a kind of ornamental plant. The shape is beautiful and the flower is colorful. It can be used to decorate courtyards, offices and rooms in order to beautify the environment and purify air.

Where to Buy in Yuxi City

You can go shopping in the local shops and markets to buy them.

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