Halal Restaurants in Yunnan

Halal Restaurants in Yunnan mainly introduce the best halal food in Yunnan, top Muslim Restaurants in Yunnan and solve the problems-where to eat and what to eat for Muslims in Yunnan, which can provide the best dining experience in Yunnan. Since there is a large group of Muslim residing in Yunnan, Muslim restaurants can be easily found there, especially in Kunming. The restaurants serve halal food like beef and other Muslim food. they prefer the wild ingredients rather than farm-raised ones. Hence Halal restaurants are more and more popular among all tribes.

Recommended Muslim Restaurants in Yunnan

City District  Muslim Restaurant Name Address Tel No.
Kunming Panlong Taoyuan Beef Restaurant (桃源牛菜馆) No.67 Taoyuan Street, Panlong District, Kunming (0871)63138387
Kunming Panlong Yi Tian Yuan (伊天园) No. 146-148 Linyu Road, Bus Group Building, Kunming     (0871) 65846666
Lijiang Gucheng Yipin Loulan (一品楼兰) No. 70 Jinkai Street, Jinkai Square, Gucheng District, Lijiang 13709999193
Lijiang Gucheng  Xin Xue Ge(新月阁) No.33 Dingye Street, Suhe Old Town, Gucheng District, Lijiang 13628889460
Dali   Pinmei Halal Steak Buffet(品美) No.6-4, Raopengmingzhu, the Opposite to the city court, Cangshan Road, Dali (0872)2211788
Dali   Dali Halal Restaurant(大理清真饭店文昌街) No. 382, Wenhua Road, Dali 15912674268

Halal Restaurants in Yunnan by Region