Gucheng District Administrative Divisions

Gucheng District has jurisdiction over 7 subdistricts, 2 towns, 2 townships, in total 59 villages(neigborhoods) and 572 groups of villagers. The government sits in Fuhui Road, Dayan Subdistrict.

7 Subdistricts: Dayan Subdistrict(大研), Xian Subdistrict(西安), Xianghe Subdistrict(祥和), Shuhe Subdistrict(束河), Jinshan Subdistrict(金山), Kainan Subdistrict(开南), Wenhua Subdistrict(文化)

2 Towns: Qihe Town(七河镇), Jinan Town(金安镇)

2 Townships: Dadong Township(大东乡), Jinjiang Bai Ethnic Township(金江白族乡)