1 Day Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Hiking Tour from Yufeng Monastery to Yulong Reservoir and Yuhu Village

Visit Baisha Ancient Town in the morning, transfer to visit Yufeng Monastery. Start the hiking from Sister Lakes which is on the leftside of Yufeng Monastery. Tek in the dense forest along a small trail to Yulong Reservoir, here you will have a panoramic view of Baisha Basin. Visit Lijiang Alpine Botanical Garden located around Yulong Reservoir.

Hike down along the ancient tea horse road to Yushuizhai Village, and continue the hiking to Yuzhu Qingtian Scenic Area, arrive in Yuhu Village. Pay a visit to the Former Residence of Joseph Rock and Museum. Hike along the coblestone road to the north of Yuhu Village, pay a visit to Yuhu Reservoir or Jade Lake at last.