Eshan County Entertainment

The entertainment facilities of Eshan county are impeccable. You can find teahouses everywhere, local people always spend their leisure afternoon in these teahouses. KTV is also one of the best choices when you want to spend a pleasant night. Bars and cafe are also nice.

Midnight Sunlight KTV

Address: around the Huanian Farm in Eshan county

Tel: 15087727669

Lexiaoyao KTV(乐逍遥KTV)

Address: in Huanian village, Huanian town, Eshan county

Tel: 15974980750

Hongliang KTV(红两KTV)

Address: besiedes  Eshan county industrial and commercial bureau

Tel: 13577737594

Mingyuan Teahouse(茗苑茶庄)

Address: on the Nijiang South Road in Eshan county

Night Talking on the Contryside(夜话田园酒吧)

Address: on the Lianjiang north Road

Tel: 0877-4010521