Jiangchuan District Entertainment

Tourists to Yuxi can choose an early morning or nightfall to stroll along the streets, parks, or resicential districts to watch spontaneously organized people acting the opera. Both actors and audience are intoxicated with the spirit of the festival. It is a best place to experience the simple folk custom and strong local flavor in Jiangchuan District of Yuxi.

Huonian Bar 火鸟酒吧

Add:Mildle of Wenwei Street of Jiangchuan county in Yuxi.玉溪市江川县文卫街中段



Kangti Teahouse康提茶庄 

Add:Water Conservancy Bureau of Jiangchuan county in Yuxi.玉溪市江川县水利局附近



Tianyi House 天颐楼 

Add:Water Conservancy Bureau of Jiangchuan county in Yuxi玉溪市江川县水利局附近



Jiangchuan Club 江川娱乐部

Add:No,36 On Ninghai road of Jiangchun county in Yuxi.玉溪市江川县宁海路36号江川宾馆内



JiangchuAN Gym 江川体育馆 

Add:No,36 on Xingjiang road of Jiangchuan in Yuxi.玉溪市江川县兴江路36


Impression Universsal Studio 印象影城(江川店) 

Add:No,14 on Fengbao Road  of Jiangchuan in Yuxi宝凤路14号