Tonghai County Entertainment

The entertainment facilities of Tonghai county are impeccable. You can find teahouses everywhere, local people always spend their leisure afternoon in these teahouses. KTV is also one of the best choices when you want to spend a pleasant night. Bars and cafe are also nice.

Sounds of Nature Music Hall

Address: around the Tonghai people’s Pocuratorate

Tel: 0877-3012220

Jitian KTV(集天KTV)

Address: Around the Huanglong Road in Tonghai county

Tel: 0877-3012558

Tongyin Hotel KTV(通印大酒店KTV)

Address: No.47 on the North street

Tel: 0877-3021666

Black Tea Entertainment Club

Address: in the Liyue Shopping mall

Tel: 0877-3026311

Kama Bar

Address: in the Liyue Shopping mall

Tel: 0877-3026418