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Chinese Name: 丽江 English IPA: /'lijiang/ Location: Northwest of Yunnan Population (city): 1,244,769 Language: Mandarin & Naxi Language Zip code: 674100 Tel code: 0888 Time zone: UTC+8

Lijiang has a history of at least 800 years and may date as far back as the Song Dynasty. It is located in the northwestern portion of Yunnan and borders Sichuan. Lijiang is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Yunnan Travel. Lijiang is considered as a fairyland blessed with fresh air, clear streams, breathtaking Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and an undisturbed landscape inhabited by Naxi Ethnic Minority. What’s more, Lijiang is the transfer station of Ancient Tea Horse Caravan Route.

Highlights of Lijiang:

  • Lijiang Ancient Towns: As one of important heritage sites,  the ancient towns of Lijiang, including Lijiang Ancient Town, Baisha Ancient Town and Shuhe Ancient Town(those retain a special character of ancient Naxi and Han construction and Naxi customs, arts and culture), are rare well-preserved ancient city of ethnic minority in China, which concentrates the essence of Naxi culture and remains the historical type formed since Song and Yuan Dynasty.
  • Colorful Minority Culture: As a multi-ethnic place, Lijiang is the base camp of 22 ethnic minorities. In addition to the Han people, Naxi and  Yi minorities are the main ethnic groups in Lijiang. When you come to the mysterious Lijiang, it is easy to find Naxi architecture everywhere and listen to the Naxi language said by Naxi people and feel the Dongba culture. What’s more, tourists can not only enjoy beautiful landscape in Lugu Lake but also explore mysterious matriarchal system of Mosuo people.
  • An important Station on the Ancient Tea Horse Road: Lijiang is the transfer station of the Ancient Tea Horse Road. It was a center for the economic and cultural communication between various ethnic groups such as the Naxi, Han, Tibetans, and Bai. For those people who want to track back the Ancient Tea Horse Road, Shuhe Ancient Town and Lashi Lake will be the best places for you to feel the Ancient Tea Horse Road.
  •  Spectacular Natural Sceneries: Lijiang is a paradise for the natural attractions, such as the grand Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, wonderful Tiger Leaping Gorge, mysterious Lugu Lake. What’s more, Lijiang is a good place to go hiking or cycling due to the good natural environment, including Tiger Leaping Gorge, Wenhai Lake and Lashi Lake.

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Lijiang Attractions

When you come to Lijiang, do not worry what to do in Lijiang. Lijiang Attractions are abundant and are full of all kinds, including natural sceneries, human sceneries and villages where you can experience the rich ethnic culture. As the capital of Naxi Kingdom, Lijiang is one of important UNESCO Heritage Sites. The beautifully preserved Lijiang Ancient Town is abundant in natural and cultural resources. Lijiang is a paradise for the natural attractions, such as the grand Jade [...]

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Lijiang Tours

As one of the most important destinations on the Yunnan classic tour routes, Lijiang Tours are connected with other top destinations in Yunnan, like Kunming, Dali and Shangri-La, etc. Lijiang City Tour is the recommended one for people who come to Lijiang for the first time. Lijiang is a place where has profound history, numerous attractions. In Lijiang, you can visit the magnificent Tiger Leaping Gorge, lucid Lugu Lake,  gorgeous Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, attractive Lijiang Ancient Town, paradise for [...]

Climate & When to Go

Climate & When to Go, Lijiang , China Climate & When to Go

Lijiang Weather & Climate describes information with temperature & precipitation. Find out the best time to visit Lijiang and see the season highlights in Lijiang Yunnan. It also tells you what to wear in different seasons and clothes packing for your trip to Lijiang Yunnan. With an altitude of 2,400 meters above sea level, Lijiang Climate belongs to the highland climate with distinct dry and rainy seasons. The average annual temperature is 12.6℃ without drastic changes. It has three different climatic [...]

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Transportation, Lijiang , China Transportation

This part mainly introduces Lijiang Transportation in detail, which help you choose the best way to get to Lijiang. Lijiang City is located in the junction of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in the northwest of Yunnan Province. It is connected to Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the north and Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture in the south. It is adjacent to the Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture in the west, bordering Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture and [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Lijiang is always regarded as one of the important destinations in the classical Yunnan Travel. Lijiang Festivals and Activities include a brief introduction of festivals and activities, and tell travelers what to do in Lijiang, such as including San Duo Festival, Impression Lijiang Show and more events. There are 22 ethnic groups in Lijiang City, including,  Bai, Yi, Lisu, Naxi, Tibetan, Dai and other ethnic groups. Festivals in Lijiang As the prominent ethnic minority inhabited in [...]

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Travel Tips

When you go to a new place, you should know some useful information to make your journey more convenient and save your time. Lijiang is always regarded as one of the important destinations in the classical Yunnan Travel. Yunnan Exploration provides the detailed information about Lijiang Travel Tips, which make your Lijiang Travel more convenient and interesting. Useful Numbers Fire: 119 Police: 110 Traffic: 122 Ambulance: 120 Area Code: 0888 [...]

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Useful Maps

Lijiang is always regarded as one of the important destinations in the classical Yunnan Travel. Lijiang Maps in English includes Maps List of Lijiang Tourist Attractions, Maps of Lijiang Tours, Maps of Transportation. It shows the specific location maps of main roads, transportation, railway, stations, bus stations, expressway, administrative division, famous tourist attractions, travel & tours, banks and hospitals. If we go to somewhere new, maps are good facilitators for us. Yunnan Exploration provides the complete maps related to Lijiang, refer to [...]

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Lijiang Accommodation

Lijiang Accommodation will solve the problem-where to stay in Lijiang. Lijiang Accommodation and Hotels Booking introduces the recommended 5-star luxury hotels, comfortable, economic and cheap hostels in Lijiang. As a top tourist resort, there are a lot of inns and hotels in Lijiang with different standards. You may have enjoyed the 5-star modern hotels, however, it will be special to stay at hotels with traditional style and standard hygiene like Inter Continental Lijiang Ancient Town Resort which presents beautiful Nakhi [...]

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