Lijiang Festivals and Events

Lijiang is always regarded as one of the important destinations in the classical Yunnan Travel. Lijiang Festivals and Activities include a brief introduction of festivals and activities, and tell travelers what to do in Lijiang, such as including San Duo Festival, Impression Lijiang Show and more events. There are 22 ethnic groups in Lijiang City, including,  Bai, Yi, Lisu, Naxi, Tibetan, Dai and other ethnic groups.

Festivals in Lijiang

As the prominent ethnic minority inhabited in Lijiang City, Naxi Ethnic Minority created brilliant culture and customs, among which the unique traditional festivals of Naxi people enjoy good fame and attract tourists home and abroad to visit.

Popular Festivals

Main Festivals in Lijiang

Date Festival Ethnic Minority
Janurary of Lunar Calendar Lantern Festival  Naxi
January 15 of Lunar Calendar Daogan Festival  Lisu
January 15 of Lunar Calendar Bangbanghui Festival Naxi
February 8 of Lunar Calendar Jiandan (February 8th) Festival  Naxi
February 8 of Lunar Calendar Sanduo Festival  Naxi
May 5 of Lunar Calendar Duanwu Herbs Festival  /
June 14 of Lunar Calendar Baba Festival Yi
June 24 of Lunar Calendar Torch Festival Naxi
June 24 of Lunar Calendar Torch Festival Yi
Beginning of Summer Danhui Festival Naxi
July Changxin Festival Pumi
July 5 of Lunar Calendar Heaven Worshipping Ceremony Naxi
July 15 of Lunar Calendar Mountain Pilgrimage Festival  Pumi
July 15 of Lunar Calendar Lugu Lake Circling Festival  Mosuo
August Mango Culture Festival /
September Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival  /
October Daogan Festival  Yi
December 5- January 10 of the next year of Lunar Calendar Kuoshi Festival  Lisu
December 6 of Lunar Calendar Xiaoguonian Festival Pumi
September-October Shouhuo (Harvest) Festival  Lisu
October Daogan Festival  Yi
October New Year Yi
December 6-8 of Lunar Calendar New Year Festival Pumi

Activities in Lijiang

As a popular destination for visitors, Lijiang offers all kinds of recreational activities. You can always find the activities full of fun, which can kick back and indulge yourself in the happy atmosphere. Come to Lijiang, and take a Lijiang Activity Tour.

Date Activity Location
February 9 of Lunar Calendar Dongshan Temple Fair Lijiang
March of Lunar Calendar March Fair  Lijang
July Mule and Horse Trade Fair (July Fair) Lijiang
September Mule and Horse Trade Fair September Yongsheng County
/ Coming-of-Age Ceremony Ninglang
/ Dongba Gathering Lijiang
9:00,11:30 or 1pm(note: time will depend on daily number of visitors) Impression Lijiang Show Lijiang
20:00-21:30 Naxi Ancient Music Lijiang

Lijiang Minority Festival Tours

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