Gucheng District

Gucheng District Overview

Chinese Name: 古城区 English IPA: Gucheng District Location: Northwest of Yunnan Population (city): 155,237 Language: Naxi Language, Southwest Mandarin Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Gucheng District is a county-level district located in Lijiang City Prefecture, Yunnan, China. Its county seat is the town of Dayan (大研镇), otherwise known as the old town of Lijiang. It is the political, economic, cultural, scientific, technological, financial and information center of Lijiang city. Since ancient times, it has been the hub of ethnic culture and economic exchanges such as Han, Tibet, Bai and Naxi, and also an important spot and military strategic location of southern silk road and “ancient tea-horse road”.

Highlights of Gucheng District

● Abundant Natural and Historical Sites: Gucheng District boasts a multitude of attractions such as Lijiang Ancient City, Shuhe Ancient Town, Black Dragon Pool, etc.

Profound Folk Culture: There are profound folk culture such as Naxi Dongba Culture, Naxi ancient Music.

Other Destinations in Gucheng District

    Gucheng District Attractions

    Lijiang is the place where many tourists pine for. Two famous Dayan ancient town and Shuhe ancient town stand in the Gucheng District. Besides, Black Dragon Pool and Dongba Culture Museum inside are also worth visiting. If you are tired of these crowed place, set off to explore the traditional villages hiding in the tranquil countryside. [...]

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    Gucheng District Tours

    If you plan to tour Lijiang, Gucheng District is a must-see place included on your list. No matter the short Lijiang Tour or the extended Yunnan tour, Gucheng District is shinning as a pearl in the land of Lijiang or even Yunnan. Browse the Gucheng District we have prearranged for you or you can contact our professional consultant to tailor-make your private tour. [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    1.Geography Gucheng District is located in the transitional region of the northwest Yunnan from the Hengduan mountain range to the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau. The region has complex topography and landform including hilly country, basin, and valley. The highest point of the whole area is Benlike Village of Qihe township at 3, 200 meters  high, and the lowest is the exit of Jinsha River of Jinsha Township at 1219 meters high. 2. Climate Gucheng District enjoys a plateau monsoon climate of low latitude, with an average annual [...]

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    Gucheng District is a county-level district located in Lijiang City Prefecture, Yunnan, China. Its county seat is the town of Dayan (大研镇), otherwise known as the old town of Lijiang. Since ancient times, it has been an important spot and military strategic location of southern silk road and “ancient tea-horse road”. Here we will introduce you the transportation information of the famous ancient towns of Dayan and Shuhe. How to Get to Gucheng District? 1.By Air Lijiang Sanyi International airport is the third international airport [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    There are 37 ethnic groups living in Gucheng District including Naxi, Han, Bai, Tibetan, Yi, Pumi, etc, among which the Naxi people accounts for 59.54% of the total population. As a result of the combination of the multinational culture and the progress of Naxi ethnic minority, Lijiang Gucheng District displays its charm with unique festivals and brilliant culture. Go through a list of the festivals. 1.San Duo Festival Sanduo Festival is the one of the grand festivals Naxi people spend in Lijiang. It’s celebrated on lunar Feb [...]

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    Travel Tips

    1.Useful Numbers • Fire: 119            • Police: 110            • Ambulance: 120 • Lijiang Airport Inquiry Telephone: 0888-5173081 • Tourism Complaint: 0888-5128761, 0888-96927, 0888-5123432 2. Post Office There are more than ten post offices serving in the towns and townships of Gucheng District. Here we just introduce part of them. • Gucheng District Post Office(Sifang Street) Add: Sifang Street, Gucheng District, Lijiang Tel: 0888-5121012 • Gucheng District Shangrila Post Office Add: Commercial Street, Middle Xueshan Road, Gucheng District, Lijiang Tel: 0888-5155389 • Gucheng District New Street Post Office Add: Minzhu Road, Gucheng District, Lijiang Tel: 0888-5122711 • Gucheng District Jinshan Post Office Add: Jinshan [...]

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    Useful Maps

    If we go to somewhere new, maps are good facilitators for us. In order to show you clear direction and location, this part provides you some useful maps like Gucheng District Location Map, Gucheng District Transportation Map, Gucheng District Attraction Map, etc. [...]

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    Gucheng District Accommodation

    The hotels in Gucheng District mainly concentrate in Dayan Old Town and Shuhe Old Town including luxury 5-star hotels, comfortable 4-star hotels, budget hostels. They share good location with many incredible ethnic restaurants, stores, bars, cafes and attractions. Read through our accommodation list and pick the right one for yourself. You're sure to find just what you need. Hotel Name Star Rating Add. Tel. Inter Continental Lijiang Ancient Town Resort(丽江和府洲际度假酒店) 5 star No.276, Xianghe Road, Dayan Town, Gucheng District, Lijiang, Yunnan 0888-5588888 Hotel Indigo Lijiang Ancient Town(丽江古城英迪格酒店) 5 star No.111, Xingwen Lane, Qiyi Street, [...]

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