Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces

Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces Overview

Chinese Name: 元阳哈尼梯田 English IPA: Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces Location: Southeast of Yunnan Population (city): 424284 Language: Southwest Dialect and Hani Language Zip code: 662400 Tel code: 0873 Time zone: UTC+8

Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces is located in the south of Yunnan province, the south section of Ailao mountain range. Yuanyang is adjacent to Jinping County in the east, Lvchun County in the south, Honghe County in the west, and faces Jianshui County, Gejiu City and Mengzi City in the north across the Honghe river. Yuanyang becomes well-known for its spectacular Hani rice terrace. Yuanyang County has 170,000 mu (about 11333 hectares) of rice terraces, which is the core area of Honghe Hani Rice TerracesIt is one of the important producing areas of Yunnan tropical fruits, as well as cloud and mist tea. The 6 cultural attractions, mainly consisting of Hani minority and 170,000 mu of terraced fields, constitute a beautiful and spectacular picture scroll.


  • Terraced Landscape: Yuanyang is mainly terraced landscape, and is the core area of Honghe Hani Rice Terraces. The Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces mainly include three major scenic spots, Bada Rice Terraces, Laohuzui Rice Terraces and Duoyishu Rice Terraces. A vast expanse of rice terraces form a magical and magnificent landscape in the shadow of vast forests and under the cover of boundless sea of clouds.
  • Ethnic Culture: Yuanyang is a county mainly inhabited by Hani people. Hani culture includes ecological culture marked by forest, farming culture marked by rice terraces, food culture characterized by Long Street Banquet, architectural culture marked by mushroom house, costume culture dominated by apparel embroidery, and festival culture marked by Kuzhazha festival.
  • Local Ethnic Markets: Many villages in Yuanyang have the custom of going to market, which is lively. When you travel to yuanyang, you might as well buy a local calendar and pay attention to the time of going to market in the local villages. You can have a better experience of local conditions and customs in the market. 
  • A Heaven for Photographers: Every year, a crowd of photographers are attracted by the spectacular view of Yuanyang Hani rice terraces like sunrise, sunset, sea of cloud. More and more people admire the charm of Yuanyang rice terrace. The sunrise of Duoyishu rice terraces is the most beautiful, while Bada rice terraces and Laohuzui rice terraces are the best places to watch the sunset. Bada scenic area is often shrouded in clouds, you can see the wonderful sea of clouds landscape.

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Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces Attractions

Attractions in Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces are unique and stunning. Yuanyang is well-known for its Hani Rice Terraces, the most popular paradise for photographers, making it the ideal place to shoot natural large-scale Terraces, sunrise, sunset and sea of cloud. Yuanyang Rice Terraces was listed in the World Heritage in 2013. In addition to rice terraces, you can also step your feet into the local villages with mushroom-shaped houses and enjoy the festivals and activities of Hani, Dai, Yi minorities.  Top Attractions Yuanyang is one of the important [...]

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Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces Tours

As one of the popular tourist destinations on the Yunnan classic tour routes, Yuanyang Hani rice terraces tours are connected with other top destinations in Yunnan, like Kunming, Jianshui and Shilin, etc. Kunming-Jianshui-Yuanyang tour is one of the classic routes in Yunnan. Kunming is usually served as the gateway city to Yuanyang which means it's the first station, and you will take 2-3 days exploring Yuanyang Rice Terraces as well as Jianshui Ancient Town with the ancient architecture and cultural relics. If you want to witness [...]

Climate & When to Go

Climate & When to Go, Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces , China Climate & When to Go

The information on Yuanyang climate could be helpful for preparing a Yunnan travel. Because of high altitude and low latitude, Yuanyang enjoys a subtropical mountain monsoon climate, with the three-dimensional climatic feature of "one mountain has four seasons, every mile has different weather". Yuanyang County is one of the important production places of tropical fruit, cloud-fog tea and gold. Yuanyang Climate Features Yuanyang Precipitation Yuanyang county has abundant rainfall, with an annual average rainfall of 1397.6 mm, annual relative [...]

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Transportation, Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces , China Transportation

Since airport and railway station are not available yet in Yuanyang, transportation to Yuanyang rice terraces is relatively simplex. Long-distance bus travel is the main alternative to get to Yuanyang county currently. How to Get to Yuanyang There is no airport or railway station in Yuanyang County. You should arrive Kunming first, and then travel to Yuanyang by road to enjoy the Hani rice terraces and other highlights there. By Long-distance Bus Lon-distance bus is a main way to get to Yuanyang. You can [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Festivals and Activities in Yuanyang include a brief introduction of main festivals and activities in Yuanyang county, and tell travelers what to do during Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces Festivals Tours. As the main minority inhabited in Yuanyang, Hani people created brilliant culture and customs, and the unique ethnic festivals of Hani enjoy high reputation and attract a crowd of tourists.  Festivals in Yuanyang Besides some Chinese traditional festivals, like New Year's Day (January 1), Spring Festival (usually in late Jan. or early Feb.; January 25, 2020), Lantern Festival (The [...]

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Travel Tips

As one of popular tourist destinations in Yunnan Province, there are increasingly foreign and domestic travelers in Yuanyang Hani rice terraces. To have a better travel experience in yuanyang, here are some useful Yuanyang travel tips which may be helpful for your Yuanyang rice terraces tour. When plan your trip to Yuanyang Hani rice terraces, view our answers to questions about Yuanyang travel to get better understanding of Yuanyang Honghe. Useful Numbers Here below are some useful numbers in Yuanyang county, in case the emergency [...]

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Useful Maps

If we go to somewhere new, maps are good support for us. To help you have a better understanding of Yuanyang County, we provide you different Honghe Yuanyang maps including Yuanyang location map, Yuanyang regional map, Yuanyang tourists attractions map, Yuanyang map, Yuanyang transportation map, Yuanyang travel map, etc, through which you can probably know how to get to Yuanyang County and what to discover there. Yuanyang county is located in the south of Yunnan province, the south section of Ailao mountain range. Yuanyang [...]

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Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces Accommodation

As a popular tourist destination in Yunnan, where to stay in Yuanyang Rice Terraces is not even a problem. However, Yuanyang is a remote county far from Kunming, accommodation conditions in Yuanyang are in basic. Otherwise, in Duoyishu Rice Terraces and Shengcun Village, there are many hostels decorated in Hani style. These hostels in Duoyishu Rice Terraces are convenient for tourists to watch the sunrise and sunset and offer a excellent angle to view the beautiful scenery of rice [...]

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