Lijiang Administrative Divisions

This part mainly introduces Lijiang Administrative Divisions, which can help you better know Lijiang in your Yunnan Travel, and know places to visit and what to visit in Lijiang. As of 2015, Lijiang City has jurisdiction over 1 district, 4 counties, including 4 subdistricts, 13 towns, 28 townships and 18 ethnic townships. The government is located at Dayan Town, Gucheng District. 

Lijiang Administrative Map

More Detailed Administrative Divisions

Administrative Divisions Area(sq km) Population Seat of Government Areas under the Jurisdiction
Gucheng District 1,127 150,000 Xian Subdistrict Dayan Subdistrict(大研街道), Xianghe Subdistrict(祥和街道), Xian Subdistrict(西安街道), Shuhe Subdistrict(束河街道), Jin'an Town(金安镇), Qihe Township(七河乡), Dadong Township(大东乡), Jinshan Bai Ethnic Township(金山白族乡), Jinjiang Bai Ethnic Township( 金江白族乡)
Yulong County 6,521 220,000 Huangshan Town Huangshan Town(黄山镇), Shigu Town(石鼓镇), Judian Town(巨甸镇), Shitou Bai Ethnic Township(石头白族乡), Liming Lisu Ethnic Township(黎明傈僳族乡), Jiuhe Bai Ethnic Township(九河白族乡), Baisha Township(白沙乡), Lashi Township(拉市乡), Tai'an Township(太安乡), Longpan Township(龙蟠乡), Ludian Township(鲁甸乡), Tacheng Township(塔城乡), Daju Township(大具乡), Baoshan Township(宝山乡), Fengke Township(奉科乡), Mingyin Township(鸣音乡)
Yongsheng County 5,099 390,000 Yongbei Town Yongbei Town(永北镇), Renhe Town(仁和镇), Qina Town(期纳镇), Chenghai Town(程海镇), Sanchuan Town(三川镇), Yangping Yi Ethnic Township(羊坪彝族乡), Liude Lisu and Yi Ethnic Township(六德傈僳族彝族乡), Dongshan Lisu and Yi Ethnic Township(东山傈僳族彝族乡), Dongfeng Lisu Ethnic Township(东风傈僳族乡), Taoyuan Township(涛源乡), Pianjiao Township(片角乡), Guanghua Lisu and Yi Ethnic Township(光华傈僳族彝族乡), Songping Lisu and Yi Ethnic Township(松坪傈僳族彝族乡), Daan Yi and Naxi Ethnic Township(大安彝族纳西族乡), Shunzhou Township(顺州乡)
Huaping County 2,266 160,000 Zhongxin Town Zhongxin Town(中心镇), Rongjiang Town(荣将镇), Xingquan Town(兴泉镇), Shilongba Town(石龙坝镇), Xinzhuang Lisu and Dai Ethnic Township(新庄傈僳族傣族乡), Tongda Lisu Ethnic Township(通达傈僳族乡), Yongxing Lisu Ethnic Township(永兴傈僳族乡), Chuanfang Lisu and Dai Ethnic Township(船房傈僳族傣族乡)
Ninglang County 6,206 270,000 Daxing Town
Daxing Town(大兴镇), Labo Town(拉伯乡), Yongning Township(永宁乡), Cuiyu Lisu and Pumi Ethnic Township(翠玉傈僳族普米族自治乡), Hongqiao Township(红桥乡), Ningli Township(宁利乡), Jinmian Township(金棉乡), Xichuan Township(西川乡), Zhanhe Township(战河乡), Xibuhe Township(西布河乡), Yongningping Township(永宁坪乡), Paomaping Township(跑马坪乡), Chanzhanhe Township(蝉战河乡), Xinyingpan Township(新营盘乡), Lanniqing Township(烂泥箐乡)