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Baishuitai is located in Baidi Village, Sanba Township, southeast of Shangri-La City. It is 101 kilometers away from Shangri-La and 2,380 meters above sea level. It is the birthplace of the Dongba Religion of Naxi people. Looking in the distance, Baishuitai hidden in the green hills is really like terraced fields. Under the sunshine, it is like a frozen waterfall in a photograph. A foot on the white stone steps, there is a cool feeling that can not be spoken out.

Highlights of Baishuitai

Magical Story: It is said that Dongba Shiluo, the ancestor of Dongba, practiced in Baishuitai and was regarded as the Dongba Daochang (东巴道场). On the eighth day of the second lunar month of the lunar calendar, the local Tibetan, Naxi, Yi, Bai, and Lisu groups must go to Baishuitai for sacrifice activities to entertain and worship the gods with singing and dancing.

Dongba Culture: Shangri-La City is a Tibetan-inhabited area, but it is close to the area where playing the drum around Lijiang, but it is dominated by the Naxi people and is the birthplace of the Dongba Culture of Naxi people.

Long History: As early as the Tang and Song Dynasties, Baishuitai has become a famous tourist attraction in western Yunnan.

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Baishuitai Attractions

The attractions listed below cover the top tourist spots around Baishuitai: the fabulous natural beauty of plateau, the unique terrace in Baishuitai, Haba Snow Mountain and  the splendid Tiger Leaping Gorge. If you want to experience unique beauty of Baishuitai and appreciate the wonderful natural landscapes, you can check the attractions first as to plan your trip better. [...]

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Baishuitai Tours

When you travel to Shangri-La, Baishuitai is a good place to be put on your list. It can be joined in whatever your Baishuitai tour or Shangri-La Tour. If you prefer, contact our consultant and we can adjust the itinerary of our prearranged routes or we can just tailor-make your own kind of Baishuitai Tour. [...]

Climate & When to Go

Climate & When to Go, Baishuitai , China Climate & When to Go

Climate in Baishuitai The Baishuitai is about 2,380 meters above sea level, and its shape resembles the terraced fields. The main cause is that the calcium bicarbonate in the water is irradiated by sunlight, and the water evaporates to form a white deposit of calcium carbonate, which then covers the surface and forms the spring terrace. It is therefore one of the largest spring terraces in China. Baishuitai covers an area of 3 square kilometers and belongs to temperate climate with more rainfall. The temperate [...]

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Transportation, Baishuitai , China Transportation

How to Get to Baishuitai By Plane Compared with other famous attractions, there are no direct flights to Baishuitai. Visitors shall transfer to Baishuitai after arriving Diqing Shangri-La Airport. Almost all major cities have direct flights to Shangri-La, so it is convenient to get to Shangri-La. Note: There are two daily busses operating between Shangri-la and Baishuitai, one leaving Shangri-la at 9 am and one at 2 pm.  By Train The Lijiang-Shangrila Railway is under construction. After the completion, it will take one hours from Lijiang to Shangri-La. By Long-distance [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Festivals and Activities in Baishuitai 1. Song Contest Festival in Baishuitai (白水台赛歌会) Every year during festivals, the Naxi people who are from dozens of miles away wear splendid attire, take horses with brand new trappings, bring some food, such as chicken, meat, Er Kuai (rice-flour cake) and other food. People come to Baishuitai along with singing and laughter. 2. Sanduo Festival of Naxi Ethnic Minority in Baishuitai (白水台纳西族三朵节) Baishuitai Sanduo Festival, Eryueba  (February 8th) Festival or Baishuitai Song Contest Festival is held in Baishuitai of Shangri-La [...]

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Travel Tips

1.Useful Numbers in Baishuitai • Fire: 119       • Police: 110           • Ambulance: 120 • Traffic: 122 • Shangri-La Airport Inquiry: 0887-8229901 • Tourist Complaint: 0887-8225390 2. Banks Because Baishuitai is a small place, there are no Banks of China. If you have any money exchange needs, please exchange it in Banks of China in Diqing. Therefore, please be ready for enough cash. 3. Hospitals Because Baishuitai is a small pleace. There are no hospitals around Baishuitai. Therefore, please remember to bring common medicine. 4. How to Get to Baishuitai From Shangri-La, there is a scheduled [...]

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Useful Maps

If you go to somewhere new, maps play a significant role in your travel. Maps can indicate the directions and locations for you. The maps will be helpful, such as Tourist Attractions Map of Baishuitai in Shangri-La, Transportation Map of Baishuitai in Shangri-La, Location Map of Baishuitai in Shangri-La. [...]

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Baishuitai Accommodation

Where to Stay Around Baishuitai A good rest plays a significant part in a trip, so choosing a favored lodging place in Diqing should be taken into account. Have no idea about the hotels. Don't worry. Yunnan Exploration selects some  recommended hotels with good facilities and great service for your stay. 1. Baodan Hotel in Baishuitai of Shangri-La City, Diqing (香格里拉白水台宝丹酒店) Tele: 15894366518 Address: Baishuitai, Sanba Township 2. Baishuitai Guesthouse in Shangri-La, Diqing(香格里拉白水台客栈) 3. Baiyuyuan Hotel in Baishuitai, Diqing(白玉园宾馆) 4. Diqing Hejia Hotel (迪庆和家酒店) Tele: 18808876868 Address: Opposite to Baishuitai Primary School, Baidi Village, Sanba Township, Shangri-La [...]

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