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Shuanglang Town Overview

Chinese Name: 双廊镇 English IPA: Shuang Lang Location: Central Yunnan Population (city): 17570 Language: Bai Language Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Shuanglang, a fishing village with a history of over one thousand years, is located in north Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan. Facing the Erhai Lake and connecting with the Jizu Mountain, Shuanglang always offer people with its most charming sceneries. Wondering through the cobblestone-paved streets filled with old dwellings of Bai people, tourists can not only be treated with pristine sceneries but also a sense of peace.

Highlights of Shuanglang

▪ Cycling Roundabout
Cycling aound the Erhai Lake is a good choice for whom would like to appreciate the scenery of Erhai Lake and do outdoor activity.

▪ Relax in Lakeside Hotel
Enjoying the scenery of the Erhai Lake in scenery room of a small hotel here may make a big difference to guests and help them to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Shuanglang Town Attractions

 With a splendid location and mild climate, there are a lot of splendid sceneries in Shuanglang. You can stroll through the Shuanglang Old Town, visit glorious landscape of Nanzhao Folk Island and Yuji Island. Although Shuanglang is just a small town, it got its charm and reputation in the world.   [...]

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Shuanglang Town Tours

In Shuanglang, tourism is burgeoning and flourishing. It is becoming another of these cosmopolitan travel destinations in rural China. Shuanglang Tour Packages is usually bond with some top tourist sites in Lijiang or Dali. We have designed some tour packages for you to choose from such as one day Shuanglang Old Town tour or several days tour packages with Dali, Lijiang or other hot destinations of Yunnan Travel. Also, you can tailor-make your own private tour with our responsible and enthusiastic travel consultant. [...]

Climate & When to Go

Climate & When to Go, Shuanglang Town , China Climate & When to Go

Dali Shuanglang in Yunnan Province of China enjoys a subtropical highland climate with short, mild, dry winters, and warm, rainy summers because of its low latitude and high elevation. In summer, a majority of the days features some rainfall, and daytime temperatures rise to 24 °C (75 °F). In winter, frost may occur but the days generally warm up to 15 °C (59 °F) or more. The rainy season is from June to October. It can get rather windy in autumn and winter. Temperature difference [...]

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Transportation, Shuanglang Town , China Transportation

Shuanglang is located on the northeastern coast of the Erhai, in the northeastern part of Dali City. Travelers can feel free to use our private car taking to Dali Old Town from Dali Airport or Dali Railway Station. If you are independent travelers, you can take bus or go by taxi. How to Get to Dali By plane Dali Airport is located to the east of New City, 13 km (8 mi) from South Gate. Direct flights include Dali-Kunming (Daily), Dali-Chengdu (Daily), Dali-Chongqing, and Dali-Xishuangbanna (Daily). [...]

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Festivals and Activities

There are many festivals in Shuanglang Town, most of which are relative to Buddhism and Taoism, a unique religion in China. The main inhabitants are Bai, Yi, Lishu, Naxi and Han people. Bai ethnic groups take up the dominant part of the whole population. Open- Sea Festival During the event, there were folklore performances such as the Dragon Boat Race and the Bai Nationality Songs of the Bai Nationality. Visitors can also visit specialty workshops such as milk processing, shipbuilding, Bai embroidery, and [...]

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Travel Tips

We’ve offered you some travel tips about Shuanglang. Hope these information could be useful for you. Useful Numbers Zip code: 671200 Area code: 0872 Consumer Complaint: 12315 Tourist Complaint: 0872-2124023 Telephone Number Inquiry: 114 Weather Forecast: 121 Fire: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance: 120 Safety Precautions 1. Take care of your luggage and important things, such as passport and visa. 2. Check out the weather report before your travel. Do not go sightseeing in bad weather. 3. Respect and follow local custom and avoid conflicts. Advice There is no hot summer here, and T-shirts, shorts [...]

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Useful Maps

To help you have a better understanding about Shuanglang, and plan a Shuanglang tour easily, we have collected some very useful Shuanglang tourist maps, including Shuanglang attractions map, map of scenic spots around Shuanglang, etc, all of which are downloadable and printable.   [...]

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Shuanglang Town Accommodation

Shuanglang is a small fishing village on the seaside in Erhai. Because of its beautiful scenery and its popularity with tourists, so there are more options for accommodation. Travelers could choose from international standard hotels or local economic hotels, ranging from 5 star to 3 star. Different styles of hotels are offered from luxury ones to budget ones no matter you want to live in sea-view hotel or village.Yunnan Exploration Travel elaborately  selects the following hotels with good location and affordable price. Hotel Name Hotel Rating Add. Tel. Manyue Island Inn(大理漫月岛精品客栈) 5-star Shuanglang Village, Shuanglang Town, [...]

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