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Baisha Old Town is one of the oldest towns in Lijiang City. It got its name “Baisha” meaning “white sand” from the natural white sand in the area. It was the cradle-land of the Tusi Dynasty evolved from the Mu Clan. It was also the earliest settlement of the Naxi people. In ancient times, Baisha was a center of silk embroidery in southwest China and an important place on the Ancient Tea and Horse Road. 


Ancient Constructions: There are many ancient constructions built in the Ming Dynasty: the Dabaoji Palace, the Liuli Temple and the Wenchang Palace.

Ancient Culture: Baisha Ancient Town has a history of more than 800 years. Baisha Murals, Monasteries, Ancient Streets and Villages are the most important places to visit in the town. 

Ethnic Tours and Activities:
 Baisha Ancient Town is a ideal place for cycling tours, students education tours, ethnic culture tours, eco- tours. Baisha Holiday Resort arranges the bonfire party of Naxi ethnic people, Naxi Ancient Music, Naxi pictograph learning by Dongba teacher in the courtyard, tourists can book these activities in advance.


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Baisha Ancient Town Attractions

The old town, at the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, is about 8km to the north of Lijiang Old Town. It is much quieter because it is not commercialized. Here, you can visit Baisha Murals, Dabaoji Palace, Fuguo Temple, as well as experience the Naxi people's peaceful daily life. [...]

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Baisha Ancient Town Tours

If you want to witness the authentic life of the Naxi People and appreciate their culture, but are tired of overcrowded Lijiang and Shuhe Ancient Town, then Baisha Old Town is the place to go. Here we have prepared some day tour packages with Baisha Old Town, as well as some Lijiang city tour packages and Yunnan Tour packages for your reference. [...]

Climate & When to Go

Climate & When to Go, Baisha Ancient Town , China Climate & When to Go

Owing to its low latitude and high elevation, Baisha old town experiences a mild subtropical highland climate. Winters are mild and very dry and sunny (>70% possible sunshine), although average lows in December and January are just below the freezing mark; January, the coolest month, with 24-hour average temperature of 6.0 °C (42.8 °F). Spring begins early and remains dry and sunny until late May, when there is a dramatic uptick in frequency and amount of rainfall that lasts until late September. Summers are [...]

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Transportation, Baisha Ancient Town , China Transportation

Both local public buses and taxis are available to this old town from Lijiang. Here we introduce the transportation information from Lijiang Old Town and Shuhe Old Town.   By Bus We can take bus No.6 at the stops of entrance of Lijiang Old Town, Red Sun Square, Elephant Hill, North Gate of Shuhe and get off at Baisha Stop. The bus fare is around CNY2.    By Bike We can cycle or walk to this village. It is about 12km from [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Taking part in local festivals and activities is fun and interesting, and it is a favorable way to get closer to their people and cultures. In addition to traditional Chinese festivals, there are some local activities and festivals in Baisha Old Town. Here is basic information about some activities.  1.Bangbang Festival (Stick Festival) The Bangbang festival in Baisha Old Town, also known as the farm tools fair, is 5 days later than that in Dayan Old Town(Lijiang Old Town). What's more, there are also Naxi jumping competitions [...]

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Travel Tips

Every place has its own characteristics, so we’ve offered you some travel tips about Baisha Old Town. Hope these information could be useful for you. Useful Numbers China International country code number: 0086 Baisha Old Town code number: 0888 Ambulance: 120 Fire: 119 Police: 110 Check Telephone Number: 114 Weather Report: 12121, 96121 Tourism Complaint: 0888- 5123432 Lijiang Airport Inquiry Telephone: 0888-5173081 Money Exchange You can use cash and your passport to exchange for Chinese Yuan in every branch of Bank of China in Lijiang Old Town without fees charged. And 17 kinds of currency are [...]

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Useful Maps

If we go to somewhere new, maps are good facilitators for us. In order to show you clear direction and location, this part provides you some useful maps like Baisha Old Town location Map in Lijiang, etc. [...]

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Baisha Ancient Town Accommodation

Baisha is the oldest and most primitive of the three ancient towns in Lijiang(other two are Lijiang Old Town and Shuhe Old Town). Recent years, there are many inns sprouting in the town, ranging from ordinary inns to high-end holiday clubs. Here we recommended some hotels and inns for your reference. Name Add. Huamei Club Lijiang Near Baisha Murals Baisha Holiday Resort Lijiang No.33 Sanyuan Village Sunflower Inn No 9, Group 1,Sanyuan Villllage Lijiang Come Back Boutique Inn Community 1, Sanyuan Village [...]

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