Benzilan Town Accommodation

Where to Stay in Benzilan

There are a growing number of hostels and guest houses in Benzilan. They are different in standards and types, and also have wide price ranges.  It’s a better choice to stay there rather than Deqin County. Tourists can enjoy a fabulous view of Benzilan. Yunnan Exploration will provide the best hotels for you. The recommended hotels as follows:

Name: Benzilan Restaurant (奔子栏饭店)

Tel: +86 887 850 6188

Address: Near 214 National Highway, Deqin County (德钦县靠近214国道)

Name: Xiangge Imperial Boutique Inn (香格皇家精品酒店)

Tel: +86 887 898 9188

Address: No. 7 Briadge, Baimang Snow Mountain, Deqin County (德钦县白茫雪山7号大桥)

Name: Deqin Benzilan Lishi Hotel (德钦奔子栏丽世酒店)

Tel: 0887-8998000

Address:No. 74, Benzilan Group, Benzilan Township, Deqin County (奔子栏镇奔子栏村委会奔子栏小组74号)