Eshan County Tours Packages

When you traveling Yuxi, Eshan county is a good place to be put on your list. It can be joined in whatever your Yuxi tour or Yunnan Tour. There are some Eshan county tours that you can choose to visit. There are Yuguo Village of Fuliangpeng Town, Anju Village of Chahe Town, Ximuchi Village of Dianzhong Town, Baziling Village of Dianzhong Town, Huopipa Village of Tadian Town, Gega Village of Tadian Town, Tongyi Village of Tadian Town and Pengzhan Village of Chahe Town, Daxi Village of Tadian Town, Jinping Mountain Scenic Area, Tadian Waterfall, Tianzishan Hot Spring and Wenming Mosque, Gaoxiang Organic Tea Plantations, Laolongdong Relics of the Ancient Human Habitation and Relics of Xunjiansi Old Town. In Eshan, People still can go to these attractions to have a good tour.