Eshan County Shopping

Eshan county is rich in local products, you can buy all kinds of native specialties like Chinese chestnut, Eshan Yinhao Green Tea(峨山银毫绿茶), Yulinquan Wine(玉林泉酒), and you can find these specialties in those local markets in Yimen county.Usually,markets in towns and townships are opened three days a time, and markets in the county seat are opened everyday.Some local products are listed as follow:

What to Buy in Eshan County

Eshan Yinhao Green Tea Eshan Yinhao Green Tea

Eshan Yinhao Green Tea

Yinhao green tea is the specialty of Eshan Yi Autonomous county, it was first manufactured in 1991. The raw material is Daye tea leaf, and the process of making the green tea is complex, and the tea is qualified. The tea garden spreads on the high mountain areas of Eshan county, the growing environment of the tea tree is advantageous. Yinhao green tea is mainly sold to Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hunan province and so on.

Yulinquan Wine

Yulinquan Wine(玉林泉酒)

Yulinquan Liquor is a specialty of Yushan Yi Autonomous County. Yulinquan Liquor is like a beautiful and wonderful flower of Chinese Fen-flavor Liquors. Yunnan Yulinquan Wine Co. Ltd. is located in Yulinquan Water Resources Nature Reserve, Yushan County, Yuxi City. Here the green hills are surrounded, the seasons are like spring.

Where to Buy in Eshan County

You can go shopping in the local shops and markets to buy them.

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