Eshan County Overview

This is the Eshan overview. Eshan County was established on May 12, 1951. It was the first Yi Autonomous County after the birth of New China and the first ethnic autonomous county in Yunnan Province.

1.Basic Information

Chineses name: 峨山

Location: Middle of Yunnan 

Language: Southwestern Mandarin - Yunnan Dialect

Population: 170,100

Nationalities: Han, Yi, Miao, Hui

Area: 1972square kilometers

Zip code: 65 3200

Area code: 0877

2.Geographical Location

Eshan Yi Autonomous county(峨山彝族自治县), called for short as Eshan county, is located in the middle part of Yunnan province. It borders Hongta district and Tonghai county in the east, Shiping county in the south, Shuangbai county to the northwest and Yimen county in the north. The total area is 1972 square kilometers. There are more than 60 high mountains in its’ territory, the terrain leaps from northeast to southwest.  The average altitude is 1691m, the highest elevation is 2583.7 meters, and the lowest is 820m. the county seat is 24 km away from Yuxi city and 116km away from the capital city of Yunnan province, Kunming.


Eshan Yi Autonomous county is under the jurisdiction of Yuxi prefecture. It was established in May. 15,1951. It was the first Yi Autonomous county of People’ Republic of China, also the first autonomous county of Yunnan province. Recently, as the support of government, Eshan county has made great progress in all aspects, especially economy and minority business. Today, Eshan county has a population of 164 thousand.


Eshan has a long history. According to the Paleolithic human mandible and stoneware, bones and animal bone fossils unearthed from the Old Dragon Cave in Tadian, it has been proven that humans lived and multiplied about 20,000 to 20,000 years ago. According to historical records, the Eshan area was under the jurisdiction of the ancient Shu Kingdom during the pre-Qin period, and during the Han period, it was the county of Yuyuan County in Yizhou County. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Provisional People's Government of Eshan County was established in Dianzhong on October 24, 1949. On May 12th, 1951, the Eshan National Autonomous County was established.

5.Administrative Division

The jurisdiction of Eshan is over 2 subdistricts, 5 towns.

Shuangjiang Subdistrict(双江街道), Xiaojie Subdistrict(小街街道), Huanian town(化念镇), Dianzhong town(甸中镇), Chahe township(岔河乡), Fuliangpeng township(富良棚乡), Dalongtan township(大龙潭乡).

6.Ethnic Groups

In this magical and ancient land, there are 140,000 people of all ethnic groups who are diligent, brave, intelligent and simple, such as Yi, Han, Hani, Hui, and Mongolia. Ethnic minorities accounted for 62.8%.


The climate in Eshan is warm and temperate. Eshan is a county with a significant rainfall. Even in the driest month there is a lot of rain. The average annual temperature is 19.3 °C in Eshan. About 932 mm of precipitation falls annually. The driest month is January, with 12 mm of rain. Most of the precipitation here falls in August, averaging 186 mm. June is the warmest month of the year. The temperature in June averages 24.5 °C. January is the coldest month, with temperatures averaging 12.8 °C. There is a difference of 174 mm of precipitation between the driest and wettest months.

8.Best Time to Visit Eshan County

A trip to Eshan is recommended in Summer and Autumn as people can enjoy themselves in different activities and the weather is good.


Eshan has convenient transportation and good location advantages. The 213 National Road runs through the whole territory and it is the traffic throat leading to the southern frontiers such as Simao and Xishuangbanna. The county seat is 126 kilometers away from Kunming, 28 kilometers away from Yuxi and 17 kilometers away from the terminal station of Kunyu Railway. After the Kunyu and Yuyuan high-grade highways are completed, it takes only over one hour to Kunming and only 20 minutes to Yuxi.


Eshan county is rich in local dishes and delicacies. The eating habits of Han People is influenced by those ethnic minorities in Eshan county. In the county, you can taste many delicious local food, like Eshan pot-stewed chicken, Eshan Fermented bean curd, fiddlehead and so on.

11.Top Attractions

There are some attractions in Eshan County for people to visit, which are Yuguo Village of Fuliangpeng Town, Anju Village of Chahe Town, Ximuchi Village of Dianzhong Town, Baziling Village of Dianzhong Town, Huopipa Village of Tadian Town, Gega Village of Tadian Town, Tongyi Village of Tadian Town and Pengzhan Village of Chahe Town, Daxi Village of Tadian Town, Jinping Mountain Scenic Area, Tadian Waterfall, Tianzishan Hot Spring and Wenming Mosque, Gaoxiang Organic Tea Plantations, Laolongdong Relics of the Ancient Human Habitation and Relics of Xunjiansi Old Town.