Dounan Flowers Market in Kunming

Why is Dounan Flowers Market so special?

The favorable climatic and geographical conditions enable Dounan Village of Kunming to become the biggest flower wholesale market in China. The epicenter of China’s flower markets, Dounan Flower Market is home to over 200 species of over 3 million flowers with the daily turnover reaching as high as 2.5 million RMB, which boasts of being the biggest flower market in Asia.

Basic Information 

Dounan Flower Market is a famous wholesale flower market, is the national heart of flower supplement, and also is one of Asia’s biggest flowers trading market. Dounan Flower Market’s trading floor is super busy, it is worthy of the name “flowers sea”, there’ll be numerous varieties of flowers, so you can buy a big bunch of all kinds of flowers with little money. And Dounan Flower Market is also a good place for photography fans.

The Importance of Dounan Flowers Market to Kunming

Dounan Flowers Market in Kunming

1. Over 20 big companies, such as Yunnan Airlines, purchase flowers from Dounan Flower Market on a large scale, and millions of flowers are airlifted daily to over 10 domestic cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, as well as Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand.
2. More than 500 florist shops are available in the Trading Hall of the market, where you can not only see local flower species, such as roses and water lilies, but you can appreciate exotic flowers like moth orchids, forget-me-nots, African daisies, open-herding and carnations, and they drench the air with an enchanting fragrance.
3. Compared with the other flower markets of China, the flower price is considerably lower in Dounan Flower Market, where you can buy a bunch of carnations for 2 or 3 RMB. It’s really enjoyable just strolling along the flower ocean and appreciating the colorful flowers.

Some other flowers and birds markets in Kunming

1. White Dragon Flowers and Birds Market(白龙花鸟市场): take bus No. 47, 69 or 95, get off at the stop of Shibo Jixinyuan (世博吉鑫园);
2. Western Pets, Flowers and Birds Market(西部宠物花鸟市场): take bus No. 58 or 80, get off at the stop of Xiyuan Keyunzhan (西苑客运站);
3. Chunyuan Flowers and Birds Market(春苑花鸟市场): take bus No. 58, 61 or 62, get off at the stop of Chunyuan Xiaoqu (春苑小区);
4. Daguan Flowers, Birds and Insect Market(大观花鸟虫市场): take bus No. 125, or 160, get off at the stop of Daguan Shangyecheng (大观商业城);
5. Golden Tree Village Flowers and Birds Market(金树村花鸟市场): take bus No. 47, or 50, get off at the stop of Xinying Lukou(新迎路口/人民东路);
6. Jingxing Flowers and Birds Market(景星花鸟市场): take bus No. 10, or 82, get off at the stop of Nanpingjie Xikou(南屏街西口);
7. Expo Garden Flowers and Birds Market(世博园花鸟市场): take bus No. 47, 69 or 95, get off at the stop of Shibo Jixinyuan (世博吉鑫园);
8. Little Dragon Sifang Street Flowers and Birds Market(小龙四方街花鸟市场): take bus No. 60 or 95, get off at the stop of Xinying Lukou(新迎路口/白龙路);
9. Zhongbei Flowers and Birds Market(中北花鸟市场): take bus No. 99 or 171, get off at the stop of Jinyuan Huayuan(锦苑花园).

How to Get there?

By Bus

You can take bus No.170, 160, 183, C6 and get off at Dounan Flowers Market Station.

By Subway

You can take subway Line 1 or Line 2 and get off at Dounan Flowers Market Station.

By Taxi

It takes tourists about 40 minutes to Dounan Flowers Market from downtown of Kunming by taxi.