Chenggong District Accommodation

Chenggong District has abundant tourist resources. As the development of its economy and tourism, hotels of all levels are constructed well. Tourists could find diverse hotels in Chenggong District. Here we have collected the most recommended ones for traveller. All hotels are with good location and prices are reasonable with considerate services.

Hotel Name


Telephone Number


Lianruchu Movie Theme Hotel(恋如初电影主题酒店)

No.7 Street in Zhiyuan Road


The room type is various, you can choose freely. It has all necessary facilities.

Yaosi Apartment Hotel(遥思公寓酒店)

In Muchunyuan Community of Chunrong East Road


The price is cheap. There are many universities,restaurants and sceneries.

Nayi Hotel(纳伊酒店)

In the junctioon of Caiyun South Road and Shaoguang Road


It’s next to the South Station of Kunming, so the transportation is convenient.

Z HotelI(Z 酒店)

In the ninth building of Huaqianfang.


The hotel pay attention to high quality lifestyle. All rooms are designed by famous designer of Yunnan Province.

Kunming Tianyuan Hotel(昆明天苑酒店)

139 Guyin Road


The environment is quiet and entertainment facilities are various.

All Season Hotel(全季酒店)

In the twenty-fourth bilding of Shilixin City


The layout of these rooms is full of modern pragmatism, allowing customers to return to the most authentic experience.