Shizong County Shopping

If you want to go shopping in Shizong county, there are lots of Shizong county local products for people to buy. Shizong shopping has it's own character, there're mainly three local shopping products that are so rare in other places of Qujing. It includes: the geographical indication products, namely, Gaoliang Yiren Rice(高良苡仁米), Heier Glutinous rice(黑尔糯米), Shizong Black Goat.

What to Buy in Shizong County

1. Gaoliang Yiren Rice(高良苡仁米): It is developped in Gaoliang Town, Shizong County. Many villages in Gaoliang raise Yiren Rice, which is so unique to this area.  

2. Heier Glutinous rice(黑尔糯米): When it comes to Heier Glutinous rice, you may not know that it is so valuable and renowned. In Qing Dynastry, it is tributed to Emperor Kangxi, and presented to Wang Jingwei(汪精卫) during the years of the Republic of China. Besides, it is sent to Prime Minister, Zhou En'lai and Chairman Mao. After, Chairman Mao spoke highly of Heier Glutinous Rice, and encouraged the local people to raise it well. 

3. Shizong Black Goat(师宗黑山羊): Shizong Black Goat, which is raised in natural meadows, has many advantages compared to the other kind mutton. For instance, the meat is fresh flavored and tender. Besides, the goats is raised speedingly and with a high production. 

Where to Buy in Shizong County

Many of the shops are run by local residents. It is recommended that you can go shopping around to ensure that you are paying a reasonable price.

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