Shizong County Climate

There are some information of Shizong county climate and the best time to visit Shizong county. It also tells you when to travel to  Shizong County in Qujing. Shizong County has the climatic characteristics of subtropical and temperate coexistence. Winter and spring are affected by the continental monsoon, with more sunny days, sufficient sunshine, and a mild and dry climate. In summer and autumn, affected by the ocean monsoon, there is more rain and rain, poor illumination, and the climate is cool and humid. The overall situation is mild throughout the year, no heat in summer, no cold in winter, warm and dry in spring, cool and humid in autumn, and rain and heat in the same period , dry and wet. The annual average temperature is 13.9 °C, the average maximum temperature is 19.9 °C, the average minimum temperature is 9.7 °C, the hottest in July, the average annual temperature is 19.5 °C, the coldest in January, the average annual temperature is 6.5 °C. The average annual sunshine is 1735.7 hours. The annual average rainfall is 1204.6 mm. The frost-free period is 273 days.

Best time to visit

The summer sceneries in Shizong County is beautiful and intoxicating, and it is the best time to visit Shizong County. When you come here, you will enjoy the best sceneries such as mountains, canyons, lakes and water villages. You should take some alpine jackets and hiking boots. 

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