2 Days Dali Salt and Tea Horse Road Tour

DAY 1 Dali to Shaxi | Discover the Real Cultural Center of Bai
Starting from Dali, you will drive to Shanxi and visit the ancient town of Jianchuan on the way. It enjoys the reputation of the real cultural center of the Bai ethnic minority. The residential houses, the city gates, the temples, and the bridge are still in the ancient Bai style.

Visit a workshop where a typical handicraft of Bai people, Buzha, is carried out. It comprises colorful cloth with embroidery and wormwood to keep insects and evil spirits away. A Buzha master will show you this beautiful folk art. It is a great chance to meet people who love and protect the culture of their nationality.

In the afternoon, explore the historical temples and the Buddhist caves hidden in the Mt. Shibaoshan which tell the stories of the ancient kingdom in Dali area.

DAY 2 Shaxi to Nuodeng | The Memory of Horse Caravan
Tour Shaxi Ancient Town in the morning. Visit Xingjiao Temple, Square Street, the ancient stage, and the Yujing bridge. Listen to the stories of horse caravans in a private museum devoted to Tea Horse Road trade caravan paraphernalia.

Before arriving Nuodeng, drive up a mountain for an incredible yin-yang symbol view made by the Nuodeng River, a tributary of the Lancang (Mekong) River.

DAY 3 Nuodeng | The Place of Origin on the Tea Horse Road
Uncover its stories recorded on the old Taoist temple, the old pavilion, the traditional residential houses, the ancient salt well, and the family ham-making workshop. Witness how local people produce salt and preserve ham, which used to be popular goods traded on the Tea Horse Road.

Relax yourself in this old and peaceful village. Enjoy a big meal with ham, try the wonderful foot bath with the herbal soup of the local Bai people, and have a good dream in a starry night.

DAY 4 Nuodeng to Dali and Departure
Drive from Nuodeng to Dali. Your private guide and driver can escort you to your hotel in Dali or to the airport or train station for your next destination.