Shizong County Overview

1.Basic information

Chineses name: 师宗

Location: East of Yunnan 

Language: Southwestern Mandarin - Yunnan Dialect

Population: 421,335

Nationalities: Han, Yi, Miao, Hui

Area: 2783 square kilometers

Zip code: 655700

Area code: 0874

2.Geographical Location

Shizong County (师宗县) is located in Qujing Prefecture, Yunnan, China.Shizong County is situated in the east of Yunnan province, lying between Yunnan province and Guangxi province. It is close to Luoping County in the east, Qiubei County in the south, and Luliang County in the north. It is 178km away from Kunming, the capital of Yunnan. The total area of Shizong County is 2783 square kilometeres.


Shizong is rich in natural resources, with a coal reserve of 629 million tons and a recoverable reserve of 197 million tons. It is a key county for coal production in the country. Limestone is enriched, and only Baimashan Mine has reached more than 1 billion tons. The forest resources are abundant and the forest coverage rate is 53.8%. There are many rivers, rich in water resources, and the water energy reserves are 300,000 kilowatts. Now only 32,800 kilowatts are developed. Shizong is a national roasting tobacco production base county, a key coal-producing county, an ecological demonstration zone construction pilot county, a Yunnan citrus production base county, and a fast-growing Chinese fir forest base county. The wrestling movement enjoys a reputation and is known as the “hometown of wrestling” and is the “National Sports Advanced County”.


Shizong is rich in ethnic groups, and it has long history, and there were some great men, such as the writer of Yueyang Tower’ couplet, Douxu, and there was a teacher of Xianfeng Emperor, Heguizhen. Shizong is a leader’s name of the local tribe in Tang Dynasty. Shizong had been proliferating here more than 3,500 years ago, and the county has a history of more than 700 years. During the Jianyuan Period of the Western Han Dynasty, it belonged to the county of Liujiang County. In Shuhan Dynasty, the third year of Jianxing time(225 years) belonged to Xinggu County. During the Jin Dynasty, it belonged to Jianning County. During the Tang Dynasty, the chief of the Dongwuman tribe named "Shi Zong", later evolved into the county name. On January 13, 1959, Qianxi County was drawn to Mile County in Honghe Prefecture. Shizong and Luoping merged to form Luoping County. On July 1, 1961, Shizong and Luoping were divided into counties, and Shizong County was restored to this day.

5.Administrative Division

The administrative division of Shizong county is simple, and it includes 5 towns and 3 ethnic towns. They are Danfeng Town(丹凤镇), Xiongbi Town(雄壁镇), Caiyun Town(彩云镇), Zhuji Town(竹基镇), Kuishan Town(葵山镇), Gaoliang Zhuang&Miao&Yao Ethnic Town(高良壮族苗族瑶族乡), Wulong Zhuang Ethnic Town(五龙壮族乡), Longqing Yi&Zhuang Ethnic Town(龙庆彝族壮族乡).

6.Ethnic Groups

Shizong county is old enough which has formed his own special culture through the long history. There are more than 60,000 ethnic minorities in Zhuang, Yi, Miao, Yao and Hui nationalities. The minority population accounts for 17.14% of the total population of the county. It is known as “each ditch has its own customs, and each ditch has its own dialect”. Whatever it is the Xiaoqu stilted building of Zhuang and Miao ethnic minority, and the colorful rice and bamboo wine, visitors will be forgotten about them.


The overall situation is mild throughout the year, no heat in summer, no cold in winter, warm and dry in spring, cool and humid in autumn, and rain and heat in the same period , dry and wet. The annual average temperature is 13.9 °C, the average maximum temperature is 19.9 °C, the average minimum temperature is 9.7 °C, the hottest in July, the average annual temperature is 19.5 °C, the coldest in January, the average annual temperature is 6.5 °C. The average annual sunshine is 1735.7 hours. The annual average rainfall is 1204.6 mm. The frost-free period is 273 days.

8.Best time to visit

The summer sceneries in Shizong County is beautiful and intoxicating, and it is the best time to visit Shizong County. When you come here, you will enjoy the best sceneries such as mountains, canyons, lakes and water villages. You should take some alpine jackets and hiking boots.


Shizong County Transportation: Shizong County is easy to enter in, with the convenient bus system, train system. There're buses from many nearby places and buses depart from Shizong to different destinations, like Kunming, Qujing. We offer the bus, train and flight tickets booking in Shizong County. If you want to book the tickets, we will help you book them.


The food in Shizong county has it's own character, and there're mainly three local food that are so rare in other places of Qujing. It includes: the geographical indication products, namely, Shizong Dried Beef(师宗牛肉干), Shizong Qingjiu(师宗清酒) and Shizong Qingjiu(师宗清酒).

11.Top Attractions

There are some attractions in Shizong County for people to visit, which are Dachong Village of Zhuji Town in Shizong County, Qujing(曲靖市师宗县竹基镇大冲村), Shuji Village of Zhuji Town in Shizong County, Qujing(曲靖市师宗县竹基镇淑基村), Feilaisi Temple, Tongxuandong Cave and Former Residence of Dou Xu, Junzi Mountain, Nandan Mountain, Phoenix Valley Scenic Area and HeiEr Waterfall.