Shengcun Village of Xinjie Town in Yuanyang County, Honghe

Chinese Name:元阳新街镇胜村
English Name:
 Shengcun Village of Xinjie Town in Yuanyang County, Honghe
: Custom and Culture of Hani People, Natural Landscape

Location: 48 kilometers from the Yuanyang county center in Honghe

opening time: All day long

About Shengcun Village in Yuanyang County:

Shengcun Village is located in Yuanyang county in Honghe, 48 kilometers from the county center, neighbors Panzhihua Village in the south, Malizhai Village in the west and Gaocheng Village in the north. Shengcun Town sits between Daba Terrace and Duoyishu Terrace, an important transfer station of Yuanyang Terrace tour. It’s a spot where travellers can not only enjoy the sight of  Hani Terrace Fields, clouds, mushroom-shaped houses, but also appreciate the Customs and dressing of Yi and Hani people. Shengcun Town has a main street where you can see various minorities flock there on market days for exchanging or buy different kinds of fresh products, animals and trifles. Meanwhile, the Yi and Hani minority women are always dressed in their traditional clothes. Shengcun Local Market is 25-minute driving from Yuanyang. There are certain public buses reach there from Yuanyang, but it is easier to rent a car to go and return during the market days. A visit of the Shengcun market is possible to combine itself in a half day tour with the visit of Bada and Duoyicun rice fields.