Yunling Nature Reserve in Lanping County, Nujiang

Why is Yunling Nature Reserve So Special?

Yunling Nature Reserve stands in Lanping county of Lisu autonomous prefecture of Nujiang in northwest Yunnan province. Located in the transition zone from Qinghai-Tibet plateau to Yunnan-Guizhou plateau, Yunling Nature Reserve is rich in animal and plant resources, including Yunnan golden monkey, cloud leopard and gold leopard under first-class state protection. The good ecological environment of Lanping not only provides living space for many wild animals and plants, but also serves as a refuge for some endangered species. As a result, Lanping is honored as a natural biodiversity park and gene pool of primitive species. There are more than 200 Yunnan golden monkeys and the rare and endangered species of Yunnan taxus chinensis.

History of Yunling Nature Reserve

It was established in 2003 with the approval of the people’s government of Yunnan province. In 2005, with the consent of the people’s government of Yunnan province, the area was enlarged to 75,894 square meters from 73,426 square meters. In 2010, the functional zone was adjusted and the overall planning was made again.

Features of Yunling Nature Reserve

Yunling Nature Reserve in Lanping County, Nujiang

With the altitude of 1,899 – 4,295.3 meters, the reserve enjoys the north subtropical monsoon climate, with obvious low latitude plateau monsoon features and vertical mountain climate. It is one of the typical development zone of Danxia landform, and within the reserve stands more than 10 mountains above 3,000 meters in altitude. The highest one is Xuebang mountain(雪邦山), with an altitude of 4295.3m. The area is also rich in water resources, with rivers of Lancang River system and lake wetland of Fengping reservoir(丰坪水库).

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