Lakes for Kayaking

There are several major lakes in Yunnan. The province has nine lakes with areas of over 30 square kilometres (12 sq mi) and you can carry out this exhilarating rafting adventure in some of the rivers.

Ø Dianchi Lake, near Kunming

Ø Fuxian Lake, in Yuxi, the second deepest lake in China

Ø Xingyun Lake, directly south of Fuxian Lake and connected with it by a short river

Ø Qilu Lake, south of Fuxian and Xingyun Lakes, separated from them by mountains, in Tonghai County

Ø Erhai Lake, near Dali City

Ø Lugu Lake, in Ninglang near the border with Sichuan

Ø Yangzong Lake, in Yiliang County

Ø Yilong Lake