Driving to China

Generally speaking, the most convenient and cheapest way for the foreigners driving into China is entering by land border.

The common used land borders for Foreign Vehicle Self-driving is on the following list:


Mohan of Mengla (China-Laos) Ruili (China-Myanmar) Hekou (China-Vietnam)

▼Inner Mongolia

Erenhot (China-Mongolia) Manzhouli (China-Russia)


Horgos (China-Kazakhstan) Tourgat (Turugart) (China-Kyrgyzstan) Irkshtan (China-Kyrgyzstan) Kunjerab (Kunjirab) (China-Pakistan) Taschken (China-Mongolia)  Laoyemiao (China-Mongolia)


Youyiguan of Pingxiang (China-Vietnam)  Dongxing (China-Vietnam)


Gyirong (China-Nepal)


Shenzhen (Guangdong-China Hongkong )