Educational Travel Tips

Leave a Trail

Make copies of your passport, airline tickets, credit cards, insurance, tour itinerary, your contact details (check below) and other documents you are taking with you on the trip. Leave a set of these copies with your family or friends at home, so that they can contact you or help you in case of an emergency, then pack another set of the copies separately from the originals.

Contact Details

Your contact details should include the following items:

Ø Tour Itinerary.

Ø Your travel advisor’s name, telephone number, email, and address.

Ø Your hotels’ name, address and phone number.

Ø Your mobile number and email address if you have accessibility during travel.

Ø Your tour guide and travel companion’s contact number if you use tour guides or are traveling in a group.

Make Regular Phone Calls

Make phone calls to your family or friends at regular time, so that they can know your whereabouts and that you are safe.

Pay close attention to what you are eating and drinking

Only drink bottled water and never drink tap water. Stay away from raw foods, and pick a restaurant carefully. If you want a western break, there are McDonald’s, KFC and Pizzahut restaurants in most big cities.

Keep an Eye on Your Stuff

Do not leave your luggage unattended or with a stranger. Keep the zippered sections locked. Keep your valuables and documents in a secure place and always pay attention. You don’t want to invite any trouble by showing off your valuables.

Respect Local Customs and Religions

Do not wear over-revealing clothes, especially at temples and monasteries. Please refer to Chinese Etiquette for more information.


Mind Your Safety

Avoid walking alone on deserted streets after dark. Keep your cash and valuables stashed and stay alert. Memorize some Chinese phrases, such as Jiu Ming! (Help!) and Zou Kai! (Go away!).

Check Your Baggage Carefully

Before crossing a border, or going through security check at the airport and train station, check your bags carefully to ensure that the contents are yours and yours alone. Never agree to carry anything in your bag or pocket if a stranger asks you to do so.

Get Discounts

If you have a valid ISIC (International Student Identity card), you may get a certain discount on admission fees at some scenic spots in Hong Kong, Macau and some big cities in Mainland China. Please learn more details at ISIC website.