Jianshui County Dining

Jianshui dining will bring you some information about what to eat and where to eat in Jianshui County. There are many cuisines and snacks in Jianshui, among which Jianshui 18 eatings (建水十八吃) have been praised for a long time. 

What to Eat in Jianshui

18 eatings in Jianshui(建水十八吃) refer to steam pot chicken, cross the bridge rice noodle, grass shoot, acid pomegranate, roasted tofu, sticky rice with lotus root, Qujiang roast duck, bird's nest, bird's nest porridge, bird's nest crispy(燕窝酥), lion cake(狮子糕), ewe's milk vegetable(羊奶菜), navel orange, crispy cucumber(脆黄瓜), steamed sweet potato bun(红薯窝窝头), sweet potato noodle(勺粉), fried rice tofu and soak pear(水泡梨). They are the enduring taste memory for Jianshui folk people.

Steam Pot Chicken

In Jianshui, there is a unique earthen ware steamer called steaming pot. It is designed to steam food. And steam pot chicken got its name for steaming with steaming pot. Its main material is chicken and main cooking technology is steaming. Steam pot chicken is deeply loved by the public because of rich nutrition.

Jianshui Roasted Tofu

Jianshui Roasted Tofu, also named Linan Tofu, is the traditional delicacy in Jianshui County. After the program A Bite of China, a large documentary film in China, Jianshui Roasted Tofu has been renown all over China. You can see the roasted tofu at roadside stands and restaurants.

Jianshui Grass Shoot(Cao Ya 草芽)

Originated from Jianshui county, grass shoot has more than 100 years history of cultivation. It is also called ivory vegetable as it looks like ivory. In Jianshui, people use grass shoot to make soup or fry, it tastes quite good. When there are important guests coming home, they can make a table of grass shoot banquet to express welcome and attention to guests.

Jianshui Rice Noodle

Jianshui cross bridge rice noodle originated from Jishitou(鸡市头), which is in the both sides of Suolong Bridge, the eastern part of Jianshui county. Jianshui specialties like grass shoot, lindera and mint are used as ingredients in making rice noodle. During the reign of Daoguang in Qing dynasty, a chef named Liu Jiaqing opened a rice noodle eating house called "Baoxing house" in Jishitou(鸡市头).

Sweet Potato Noodle(凉勺粉)

It is Made of sweet potato powder, cool sweet potato vermicelli is slightly thicker than glass noodle, but much more slender than flat noodle. It is no need to be reprocessed. Just eating with some ingredients, it has the effect of relieving heat and thirst.

Where to Eat in Jianshui

Restaurants in Jianshui County mainly concentrate around Jianshui Ancient Town, at Lin'an Road and Hanlin Street. 

Local Popular Restaurants

  • Linan Restaurant(临安饭店)
    Address: No.46, Linan Road, Jianshui County, Honghe Prefecture建水县临安路46号
    Tel: 0873-7652667/13708632865
  • Xiang Man Lou(香满楼)
    Address: No.63, Hanlin Street, Jianshui County, Honghe Prefecture建水县翰林街63号
    Tel: 0873-7655655
  • Fu Ji Cai(福籍菜)
    Address: No.363, Linan Road, Linan Town, Jianshui County, Honghe Prefecture红河州建水县临安镇临安路363号
    Tel: 0873-7655889
  • Banjing Tofu House of Zeng Family(建水曾记板井豆腐坊)
    Address: No.26, Xizheng Street, Jianshui County, Honghe Prefecture红河州建水县西正街26号
    Tel: 0873-7668540/13759278189
  • Garden of Yang Family(杨家花园)
    Address: No.24, Hongjin Street, Linan Town, Jianshui County建水县古城中心临安镇红井街24号
    Tel: 0873-7661777
  • Zixing Roast Duck and Cool Product Restaurant(自兴烤鸭凉品店)
    Address: No.161, Hanlin Street, Jianshui County, Honghe红河州建水县翰林街161号
    Tel: 0873-3185667
  • Shaofen Laodian(勺粉老店)
    Address: No.39, Linan Road, Jianshui County, Honghe Prefecture红河州建水县临安路39号
  • Mugua Laodian(木瓜老店)
    Address: No.10, Linan Road, Jianshui County, Honghe红河州建水县临安路10号
    Tel: 13988002881
  • Garden Snacks(花园小吃)
    Address: No.20, Hanlin Street, Jianshui County, Honghe红河州建水县翰林街20号
    Tel: 13988059000
  • Lin'an Story Restaurant(临安故事美食)
    Address: No.97, Linan Road, Linan Town, Jianshui County, Honghe红河州建水县临安镇临安路97号
    Tel: 13888506725/0873-7707066

Western Restaurants in Jianshui

There are not many western restaurants in Jianshui. Here are several of them.

  • Linan Hotel- Western Restaurant(临安酒店-西餐厅)
    Address: No.2, Yongzhen Road, Jianshui County, Honghe红河州建水县永桢路2号
    Tel: 0873-3183777
  • Macroho(麦客)
    Address: The 1st Floor of Aocheng Department Store, Qingyuan Road, Jianshui County, Honghe红河州建水县清远路奥城百货1楼
  • Taipei Steak(台北牛排)
    Address: Manjinwan Linhu Square, Guangci Lake, Jianshui County, Honghe红河州建水县广慈湖曼金湾临湖广场
    Tel: 0873-7707722
  • Tutu's Pizza Shop(图图家的披萨店)
    Address: Manjinwan Linhu Square, Guangci Lake, Jianshui County, Honghe红河州建水县广慈湖曼金湾临湖广场
    Tel: 18608845082